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101 Diet types on Sophie's World

101 Diet types on Sophie's World

Sophie's World's aim is to help women, especially moms, in planning their family's life, education, and diet. All of these can only be done with the help of perfectly laid out basic guidelines and descriptions to save you time for uneccesary browsing on the internet. As we have several diet type categories among recipes, I'd like to give you a short description of those.

This is our short summary on how we identify different diet types.

Low-fat According to calorie count of the recipe
  • labelled as “low fat” at good points
  • the recipe doesn’t contain any ingredient that is high in fat such as bacon
  • we don’t use additional fat for preparation
  • or just use the minimal fat (e.g. stewing).
Lactose free The recipe doesn’t contain any dairy food sources, not even manufactured ingredients that contain lactose.
Low-calorie The calorie value is low in the ratio of the serving portion.
Low-sodium We don’t use additional salt for the recipe, or the recipe is labelled “low-sodium” according to the calorie count.
Paleolithic 1.0 See Wikipedia:
Paleolithic 2.0 The difference with 1.0 is that the recipe could contain tomato or cheese
Starch-free We don’t use any ingredient in the recipe that contains starch. (e.g. wheat, potato, corn, rice, beans, or chestnut)
Low-sugar We don’t use any additional sugar for the recipe or the recipe contains only fruit sugar in a lower amount. Labelled “low-sugar” according to calorie count.
Vegan The recipe doesn’t contain meat or meat products, but contain dairy sources, egg, or fish.
Vegetarian The recipe doesn’t contain any animal food sources, dairy products, egg, fish, or manufactured ingredients such as gelatine based on animal sources. If there’s an ingredient that can be bought in vegetarian version, we presume that you use this if you lead a vegetarian diet.

I hope this can help you find the best recipes fit for your diet.


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