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Eating eggshell – the new trend

Eating eggshell – the new trend

A new trend came to the limelight nowadays for providing our body with a natural form of calcium: eating powdered eggshell. I had surfed the web in and out and it seems that many scientific experiments prove its benefits. But for me, it still sounds unhealthy eating something that was linked to salmonella and many unhealthy elements before. My grandma and mother always noticed me to take out every tiny piece of eggshell from my crumbled eggs.

I think I can support my body with calcium from other sources, but if you are not sure whether to try it or not, let’s see the scientific explanation first.

Does it worth to eat a teaspoon of ground eggshell every morning?

Eggshell is one of the best natural calcium sources. Calcium deficiency may cause 150 different diseases. The most common ones are: osteoporosis, periodontitis, gingivitis, arthritis, memory loss, depression, and behavior changes.

An eggshell contains 93% calcium and other minerals like:

  • magnesium
  • phosphorus
  • silicon
  • iron
  • sodium
  • and sulfur.
  • Eggshell protein contains several amino acids like cysteine, lysine and isoleucine.

How to prepare?

Once you boil the eggshells long enough to kill any bacteria, air-dry them in sunlight, covered with cheesecloth to keep pests off them, or oven-dry them for an hour at 140 degrees Fahrenheit in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Use a coffee grinder for best results when making eggshell powder for human consumption, as the resulting particles are finer in texture and easier to mix into liquids.

It’s definitely better than taking a calcium capsule with who knows what kind of ingredients are in it…even if it sounds a bit ugly. It’s only up to us which way we choose, but calcium is very important to us so don’t ignore the chance to get know more about that. Try it, taste it, and make your own decision whether to eat eggshell or not.

One thing is sure:

‘til I don’t find the answer for my feelings towards it, I won’t. Humanity has many experiences about natural healing and health support, and I know that older generations used eggshell to give to the chickens to help harden their egg’s shell, BUT they never ate it. I know that science is developing and the amount of information is growing and I’m for development for sure - but with consideration.

Besides, this time, I believe my grandma…I don’t think that we need to eat everything that comes easily and have tons of it.

If you try it, please don’t forget to consume enough amounts of Vitamin D and K with calcium sources because free surplus calcium can cause damages in the body instead of good effects.


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