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The French Paradox

French women don’t get fat. What’s their secret?

The French Paradox

It’s an enigma a long time ago why French women are thinner than other nation’s women? Maybe they have a stronger willpower than others? Maybe they have a secret that they should share with the rest of the world?

French women are not dieting, even they are eating throughout their life.

No calorie counting, or extreme constraints, they are happy, they are eating, and they are also having a glass of strong red wine after dinner. If they want, they eat late in the evening, and finishing the meal with a dessert too; and they do this without any remorse.

And they stay thin. If you think you can’t, or you don’t believe in this, take a few lessons from the French.

The phenomenon "French paradox" is an existing medical-based term which was linked originally to the consumption of red wine, but now we link it to the lifestyle of the French people who eat everything that western diet usually skips, and they stay healthy and thin.

The French kind of “diet” may not convince you the first time that yes, this is really what they do, and they stay thin, but the facts are going to prove it. First of all, the number of overweight people in France is really low, says Michel Montignac, the founder of Montignac method. This method has been tried by many celebrities, like Kylie Minogue, and they are still using it successfully.

Common sense?

Everybody’s dieting all over the world; doesn’t eat greasy food and carbohydrates. But French try to make us believe that it’s not necessary. They enjoy eating, drinking wine, having bread and cheese, even after 8 o’clock in the evening. The fact is this is not difficult, not even a secret and you can easily adapt or learn it. French women never starve themselves but don’t let themselves feel completely full.

This simply means they are in harmony with their body, something we often forget or ignore.

We often suppose that the French women are not eating fat - or sugarless food or any other artificial ingredients. But they really just believe in moderation, and they decide to take a walk instead of sitting in the car, using the stairs not the elevator, and they spend a lot of time outdoors. The program on Montignac is based on the low glycemic index diet. Not preferring the overly healthy food, but preferring the positive eating habits. He does not really think that the excessive calorie intake causes the excessive weight, but the insulin overproduction.

Supersize me!

USA and GB overdosed on the unhealthy fast food in the past decade. And this tendency is almost getting popular everywhere in the world. But this form of eating is causing overweight problems. The French way is much more pleasant. They are not eating little, but also not a lot, though we would say many times little. And they are eating traditional food, without any artificial ingredients. They are selecting their food, eating quality food, and they never starve intentionally. They are eating a lot of vegetables, fruit, nuts, whole grain bread and pasta, fish, chicken, and eggs.

You see,

the secret is only about avoiding fast food or ready-made food; eating regularly; never starving one’s self; and not fully stuffing one’s self.

And try to slow down and pay attention to what you eat. Don’t eat and work or run somewhere all at the same time. Try to sit down and relax for a few minutes, your body will be grateful for those moments, and you will feel the positive effects for sure.

And don’t forget to pay attention to your body signs: what does your body really want and when, what is the best for you, and when do you feel comfortable.

Moderation is the key. If you live your life with moderation, you will find peace in your mind and your soul.


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