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Traditional Holiday Menus and the Beliefs Behind Them

Traditional Holiday Menus and the Beliefs Behind Them

There are many traditional dishes around Christmas and New Year’s Eve around the world and there’s always a reason why they are served. I’ll list the Hungarian dishes and I hope you’ll like it.

In all nations, traditions came from ancient times with much more folkways as we know now according to the dishes. Almost all the food sources have some magic behind it. Beans, poppy seed, peas and lentils mean wealth, garlic and apples mean health. Defending the family, they used walnuts and honey to make the whole life sweeter.

The most festive moment of the holiday was the Christmas Eve’s dinner – and I really would like to hope that it still is. This consumer society makes all the food they can to set the feast in kids' minds as a gift-centered holiday but it is really still about family - we all know this.

Long ago, the best furniture in the houses was the dinner table which was only set on holidays, and people only used tablecloth on feasts. Christmas’s cloth was red as this is the colour of joy. Under the table, they placed straw remembering the Betlehem Manger. The candles should stay lit all night long and the bread crumbs on the feast table are really important to keep for the productivity of the coming year. They were sprinkled on the grapevines for a good harvest and used to be known as magical crumbs. Leftovers means a poor next year so you better eat all of the food.

Standing from the table while the dinner is still ongoing means unlucky things so it’s better to stay on your seat 'til the end of the dinner and stand up together at the same time.

Fish soup or fried fish fillets – eating fish is about fish scales that means money and wealth. People used to place fish scales under the plates or the tablecloths to be richer in the future. Not only is it useful around Christmas, it’s also good at New Year’s Eve because the fish swims ahead so fast that it makes our life go ahead luckily in the next year.

Everything that needs to be used in a bigger amount in dishes, rice, beans, peas, poppy seeds, lentils means wealth, even in these days too.

Chicken- chicken or turkey is a traditional dish around Christmas, although it’s not recommended to eat on New Year’s Eve because it’s scraping backward, and that may make our life to also go backward in the new year. Porkling is better to be eaten because it’s rooting ahead so it makes our life go forward.

It makes the new year lucky by eating cabbage, savoy cabbage or spinach around New Year’s Eve because their leaves mean money that makes us rich in the future.

The original meaning of gingerbread came from many nations but all of these are based on religion and sacrifice.

Not only does apples mean health, they also mean togetherness of the family. It’s still a living habit at several places to divide an apple to many parts, equal to the number of family members to make the unity stronger.


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