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10 Minutes Workout Daily

Useful or useless? More than nothing?

10 Minutes Workout Daily

10 minutes of moving sounds realistic in our crowded and time-limited life, but are those 10 minutes enough for our body? Would it really mean something if we practice for 10 minutes?

It would be nice if every one of us can do some kind of sport for a minimum of 3 times a week for an hour each day.

But is that really our dream?

Or if we really want to, do we have the time for it? I know there are several cases and opinions about this, our life is very different, our will is either weak or strong depending on the circumstances we’ve experienced. But we have to be realistic, if we can spend half an hour per day, and we have to go somewhere to do that sport, our 30 minutes is reduced to 10 minutes because of the travelling time.

So, your options: stay at home and do something for 10-30 minutes or steal time and make our time for sports longer.

Facts: our body needs approximately 45 minutes to start burning fat, we can easily do this with cardio trainings, like walking, running, cycling, or Nordic walking, but that takes 45 minutes, not 10.

But humanity is so clever, always finding solutions and trying to adapt to the changing circumstances.

This is why today, we can now find promising 10-minute exercises which guarantee changes to our body in about a month. Like Tiffany Rothe trainings, these 10 minutes will work you out, selecting a few muscle groups and putting focus on those, definitely giving you muscle pains after 10 minutes, and if you do this every day, that can make changes. It is not as boring as doing a hundred sit-ups, the music is good, the moves are feminine and it’s similar to dancing, and will help you to prescind your making excuses not to exercise now. These trainings are also recommended by Dr. Oz. Seriously?

Mainly, everything is about your fitness status,

if you never did any kind of sport, these 10-minute exercises can be effective, or if you a re-starter, then it can also give you satisfaction, but if you were an active sportsman or if you have always been doing some kind of activity, then it’s better if you try something else.

A few thoughts about home exercises:

  • If you decide to do this at home, there is nobody who can give you an advice, there is no professional around you who can correct your movement, and to be honest, the efficiency of these 10 minutes greatly depends on accuracy.
  • The second thing is the injuries. It’s always written in the beginning that you do it “at your own risk” (Thanks, that is not really helping me out). What if I do have some kind of known or unknown injuries, and I try to do these movements? Yes, I can easily be injured, and who is going to care about that? Nobody.
  • Always check yourself while exercising. Your daily condition is always changing. Maybe one day, you can do more, but the next, just less or won’t want too much. Be aware of your boundaries.
  • Drink enough water

So, whatever you start to do, it’s better to first go and ask somebody about your condition, and whether or not a certain exercise is good for you. Is it fitting to your body or not? Is it helping your health or make it even worse?

Everybody needs to find the best movements, we are all different and our body reacts differently on exercises. Some of us are happy and satisfied with running kilometers and it makes them feel good, while others simply cannot stand running and prefer to practice yoga, swimming, or boxing. Whatever you do, it will be most efficient if you enjoy it, just like cooking, if you do it with love, the food will surely be tastier.

There are many kinds of sports available today. Choose what’s most fitting for you. You will notice changes if you do the right one and don’t give up after 10 minutes!


2017-02-01 -

Every day 10 mins Workout make your body more energatic and Refreshing.nicely explained in this blog. Thank you.

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