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10 tips to better manage emails

10 tips to better manage emails

Around me I hear many complaints from people that they can’t empty there INBOX and their mails are in mess. I can’t handle overloaded INBOX and I also had many trouble to organise my mails. One the worst thing is, when I have to search for an old email and it lost somewhere.

Couple of month ago I had to make the decision to move all my email accounts to GMAIL. I never liked GMAIL. I’m an Outlook girl. But to see my emails everywhere or on anywhere I had to make the decision. It took me weeks, and tens of lost mails until I figured out what fits the best for me. Today right now I have 4 emails in my INBOX and approximately 20 folders. So I think I made it.

But what is the secret.

  1. Start your morning by cleaning up your mailbox

My mails and my tea goes together. I usually have two possible timing for this. Or I try to wake up earlier than everybody. I admit this is the best way. Which means 5:30 – 6:00am. Or when I kicked out everybody and I just before starting to do serious work I take a cup of tea or water and I go through my emails.

  1. Use „dead” time to clean up INBOX

During the day we all have dead times. What does that mean? Sitting in a cap or a transport. Waiting somebody on a meeting. I use those moments to check my mails.

  1. Mails to TRASH

I use Bin, and I am not afraid to put mails there. But you need to know that GMAIL is not keeping mail sin BIN longer than 30 days. That is how I lost many emails in the past. So think twice before getting rid of a mail. And other alternative I use is a BIN-Archive. I move all the „I think it is BIN” type of an emails. Also be aware that if you use GMAIL it shows you conversation and if you click on one email to go to BIN it could put the whole conversation there. By the way, you can take away this feature in Settings-Conversation View.


When a mail was handled it should be filed, like a real letter. You need to create a filing/foldering system. For me topics works, different activities or different segments of my life. I can not give you the right solution. But one thing is sure. Do not leave mails in INBOX which have no action required anymore. Just file them immediately.

  1. Push the star

When I want to take care of something later I put yellow start or the red flag onto it, to remind me a as TO DO. So I can get back later to take care. But generally I only leave emails which needs to be taken care in the INBOX

  1. Delegate

Sometimes not all the tasks and answering is yours. When you read an email in INBOX which related to somebody else. Do not wait, forward it and give instructions immediately.

  1. Passwords

We do a hell of amount of registrations. Tons of Passwords, confirmation emails. Have a separated folders to those confirmation emails and passwords. At the same time when you create them, you need to have a secured file where you collect all of usernames and passwords.


If you empty regularly your INBOX and you file regularly in FOLDERS you do not necessary need to ARCHIVE.


GMAIL is a good solution, it keeps your emails on the cloud so no need to backup, but Outlook and others should be backup regularly. You never know when your computer crashes. I would recommend you to do it at least every 15th day.


The worst come when you do to holiday and you want to be completely off world. When you come back you need to understand that you will need one day to catch up. So rather take one entire day to clean your mails before starting to do anywhere.

And +1

Some suggest to have more than 1 email. I agree what comes to business or corporate email and personal. Although I do not think it is a good idea to have different emails for subscriptions for ex. Because

Our communication system changed. Email is replacing traditional mail, phone conversation and even face to face meetings. This is now our primer tool to connect to the world. Being up to date with your emails shows how organised and professional you are.


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