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10 Tips to get Closer to Nature in the Big City

10 Tips to get Closer to Nature in the Big City

What can nature give us? I won’t be far if I say almost everything: life, food, fresh air, silence, lessons, and lot more. Going back to nature is like going back to mother Earth. But our life, especially for those who are living in a city, nature is unfortunately getting far. We should force ourselves to go back to our roots and find a piece of green and the beauty that is a part of us since we are human beings.

It is hard to find, but we can force it, we can teach our kids to know better and to love and respect nature, with all the greens and animals.
The responsibility is in our hands now, but do we – adults – know enough about it? And if the parents does not know, then who is going to teach the next generation.

Let's do it together, explore our neighborhood, take your family, and look around. You will see and feel what you never asked for but nature just gave, gave it for free. So in return, learn to respect and teach respect.

And do not feel ashamed about it, this century sadly is not about greens, forests, oceans, living creatures - but there is a chance to change that view.

Here are a few tips or ideas about how you can explore nature again in the city:

  • Find the closest park or piece of green in your area, take a walk, and see what is there
  • If it is not that far, try to walk there, or ride a bike to get there.
  • Take a walk to your working place – if it is not too far.
  • Sit down and examine the trees – what kind of trees they are, how they look like
  • Look at the birds – how many kinds of little birds singing in that park
  • Tie each other’s eyes and listen to the many different voices of birds
  • Organize family trips on the weekends to the closest forest – and try to see, not just to run in and out – then feel the peace that the forest can offer you
  • Collect different types, shapes and colores of leaves. Later at home, you can make a collage from them – pick them from the ground not from the tree
  • Collect stones and every kind of forest fruit
  • There are many community gardens that opened in the past few years, rent a piece for yourself or for the family. Go there regularly and plant whatever you like, not only because it tastes much better if you plant it, but for the fun until harvest season will come.
  • Take your children with you, they will love it and they can learn a lot as well
  • If you have a balcony use it to plant little things like rosemary, basil, whatever you like to use fresh
  • Buy flowers and decorate your home with them
  • Feed birds. Buy, or even better, use a homemade bird feeder and hang it on the balcony, put a few kinds of seed in the little house, and if you like to wake up with birds singing at your window, you can easily have it – nature is coming to you.

Find the balance. Don’t lose contact with mother Earth even if you are living in the city.


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