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10 tips to get ready with Xmass gifts on time

10 tips to get ready with Xmass gifts on time

Every single year the Xmas gifting is a hassle. Some of it is left to the last minute and the packing before the big day is a disaster. We can avoid that with planning.

  1. Collecting gifts

I learned this from my mom. During the day when she sees something in the shops and a friend or a relative comes into her mind, she buys it and put away for later, for a birthday or for Xmas.

  1. Buy the wrapping paper in advance

Again my mother's advice, but I have to say works. Plan in advance how will you wrap your packages this year and buy the paper, the ribbon or the Scotch tape in advance. When you have a new gift to pack, pack it right away after buying it. Don’t wait.

  1. Make a list

Yes make a list of who you need to give a gift to. The list should have:

  1. Close family and important close friends
  2. Relatives, friends and business partners with unique gifts
  3. Relatives, friends and business partner with standardized gifts

For the first 2 groups you should be creative and figure out the gift in advance. They can be homemade or purchased but you need at least 6 weeks to get them.

For the 3rd group you can give the same gift to everybody, or create different sub-groups with different gifts. You can again make home-made stuff.

  1. Home-made is good but needs time

Some home-made things require time. Some of them, for exaple make homemade Limoncello, need time to be ready. So decide on your homemade gifts around the middle of October and consider how much time you need to prepare them so that it is fresh when you are offering it. There are a few ideas on our website on the food gifts category.

  1. Do not leave any gift purchases for the last 2 weeks

Be sure that you have bought everything in advance, the last 2 weeks are a disaster in the shopping malls.

  1. Pick Xmas shopping days.

Choose 2 or 3 days when you only do Xmas shopping. You can go to Outlets or special shops suited to your list.

  1. You need to think for your children

Your kids will forget that they need to prepare presents. So you need to teach them the preparation process and make handmade gifts with them.

  1. Hiding gifts from kids

It is difficult to hide those gifts. Keep them in your office, cellars or places they never go.

  1. Where is Santa-Claus?

If you want to get the list of what your kids wish to have and he or she still believes in Santa Claus then encourage them to write a letter. When they have done it, they need to stamp it and send it to him in the traditional way. The trick is not to take them to the post-box because maybe you will never know what is inside. So ask an outsider to ring your bell and pick up the letter saying that he or she will deliver it to the special Santa Claus box.

  1. Gifts are important but love is worth more

Never forget what Xmas is about: the love and care and the reunion of the family. Gifts are additional. That is why I would rather go for home-made gifting. But at the same time I know my kids want to have something. So I figure out small gifts full of love for the rest of the family rather than expensive stuff. For me the real gift is the nice dinner and evening we spend together. Find your way to enjoy Xmas gifting instead of running from shop to shop crossing out everything on the list.


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