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11 tips to make everyday radiation lower in your life

11 tips to make everyday radiation lower in your life

Dr. George Carlo gets 28 million dollars to conduct a research to prove that mobile phones are safe and disposable devices. Unfortunately, the research brought a different result. So mobile companies promised 1 million dollars yearly for Dr. Carlo to not publish the report. But he refused that offer, and established his own institute called, “The Safe Wireless Initiative,” which is meant to inform and warn the world about the danger of using cell phones and the electro smog. He says: You might be in danger! You have the right to know about it!

Electro smog: the combination of electromagnetic radiation, which surrounds us.

Despite his researches, there are still divided opinions. We can read articles regularly about researches that lead to terrible and shocking results, but then we can also read about the opposite in the media. Therefore, it’s very difficult to decide what the truth is when it comes to cell phones.

It's alarming that mobile companies in the US lose lawsuits. Since then, just to prevent the same situation, we can read on mobile boxes the following: “though mobile phones caused health damages, the mobile company will not take any responsibility.”

This is very interesting, because that means the problem does exist.

The mobile companies say, to defend themselves, that the electro smog is not their fault. Because we know the electro statistic radiation has natural sources also, and the mobile phone is only one from the other uncountable electric devices that we use day by day.

These are facts, we know it’s damaging our health seriously but how can we live without it? What can we do to reduce our daily radiation? Especially paying attention to our kids!

11 tips

  • Use a headset or a speaker
  • When in use, hold the phone away from your body
  • Text more, talk less – (meet and talk with people!!!)
  • Call when the signal is strong
  • Don’t store your phone in your pocket
  • Don’t store your phone beside you in bed or under your pillow
  • When you’re not using it, keep it more than 1 meter away – 7O-8O cm is still dangerous
  • Don’t play on your phone. Use it only when necessary
  • Don’t let your kids play on it, explain to them the danger
  • Find a solution that neutralizes electro smog – like BioHarmonex
  • CommuniGuard – this is a foil that saves us continuously from electro smog, usable for TV, computer, and phones.

Unfortunately, we have to use our phones, so if we want to save our health and use our cell phone at the same time, we need to find a solution for our and our family’s everyday life.

This is a vicious circle: humans create something very useful, clever, handy, and helpful, make people to think they belong to that object, then this creation eventually becomes damaging their health, then it’s necessary to create something that saves us from that …and that’s how it goes. Development is always good and necessary but what is the price we pay for that? It always makes me think about that. And how many other things do we not even know yet that we will only found out later. Maybe better not to think about that.

But, cell phone radiation is here so let’s figure out how we can save our family and ourselves from its harms.


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