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4 Ways to Create Matching Christmas Outfits

4 Ways to Create Matching Christmas Outfits

Whether it’s for this year’s Christmas pictures or you just want to coordinate for the family Christmas dinner, matching Christmas outfits is something fun to do. Here are four creative ways to create matching outfits for your family this year.

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is to select matching outfits for my family. Lately the kids have been helping out with choosing the outfits so it has become a family activity. Even my husband gets in on the festivities. It’s always so pleasurable to show up at holiday parties all decorated as a unit and our family portraits always come out just fabulous. If this sounds fun to you, here are some of the ways that we coordinate our matching Christmas outfits.

Order matching sweaters

This is so much fun. You might need to place the order a few weeks in advance, but I’m sure that you can always find a booth in the mall that can do it. This year, you can really make dressing alike fun by having your very own customized Christmas sweaters. You can create your own slogan and even put family pictures on it. Or, to show personality, you can have the same shirt with different pictures or slogans put on each one, depending on the person wearing it. This is a fun way for your family to match while showcasing different personalities.

Have a matching color scheme

An alternative to having identical sweaters is to have a matching color scheme. Your family can choose the color that you want to wear and everyone can wear that color. For example, if your color scheme is red, then everyone would wear a red article of clothing. You could also choose multiple color schemes. For example, you could choose silver and blue and opt to wear silver tops with blue bottoms. You can really get creative with this one.

Try color coordinating accessories

Rather than wearing matching clothes, you could instead choose to match your accessories. For example, you could wear a red hat and necklace, your husband could wear a red tie, your daughter could wear a red bow, and your son could wear a red belt and watch. This is just an example to help you visualize the concept – but you should choose accessories that work for your family. The idea is for the color scheme to be applied to accessories rather than the actual outfit. This works well for many families because it allows for more creative freedom for the rest of the outfit.

Create a Christmas theme

An alternative to matching by color is choosing to match by themes. Perhaps you could choose Christmas trees, reindeer, snow, or anything else Christmas-related. Then everyone can coordinate based upon the theme. This is a different approach to having matching outfits that can also be quite fun. And every year, you’ll get to choose a new theme!

Having your family match outfits for Christmas is really fun and helps with getting into the Christmas spirit. If you’ve never done it before, give it a try this year, I bet you’ll enjoy it.


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