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5 Ways to Start the New Year Guilt-Free

5 Ways to Start the New Year Guilt-Free

As women, we can sometimes feel like we just aren’t getting it right because our minds are always focused on what we can do better. Although focusing on improvement can be good, if you find that you’re always feeling guilty, then it’s time to make some adjustments. Burdening yourself with constant guilt can really have an impact on you emotionally, psychologically, and even physically - so here are some tips to help you release the guilt as you begin this New Year.

We know that most people experience guilt on some level or another and moms really have their share of it. For example, sometimes I wonder if I’m spending enough time with my little ones or if I’m being the best wife possible. Of course I do my best to have great relationships with my family, but sometimes, a little guilt pops up here and there.

Since it’s the beginning of the year I’ve decided to leave any guilt that I was experiencing last year right in the past. I am determined to start this year fresh. It’s really important that you don’t allow guilt about what you think you should have done differently keep you burdened down. So I’m going to share with you what I did to release lingering guilt so that you can get your year started off guilt-free too.

Forgive yourself

If there is anything that you think that you failed at last year, be absolutely intentional about forgiving yourself for it. If you keep beating yourself up over things that you can’t change, two things will happen: you will continue to experience guilt and you will hinder the learning process. Learn the lesson that was meant to be learned, figure out things that you could do differently, and move forward. Forgiving yourself allows you to be fully present with your family without lingering emotions that can trigger an emotional meltdown.

Give yourself permission to be imperfect

No one on earth is perfect so it is okay to admit that you’ll mess up sometimes. When you allow yourself the gift of acknowledging your imperfections, then you won’t feel so much pressure to be perfect. Of course you want to do everything with as much excellence as possible, but give yourself room to make mistakes. Remember, your growth is in the learning process.

Focus on improvement NOT condemnation

It’s okay to want to make improvements in different areas of your life. I mean you should always be striving to grow in every area of your life. However, there is a fine line between having a desire to improve and beating yourself up for imperfections. Let your feelings guide you with this step. Remember, if you’re feeling inspired to make some changes then you’re focused on improvements. However, if you’re feeling awful, then that’s an indication that you’re condemning yourself for situations that you really can’t change now anyway. Try focusing on what you can change and forgive yourself for what you can’t.

Celebrate your successes

One of the most powerful ways to relieve yourself of guilt is to celebrate everything that you’ve done right. When you’re able to really focus on your successes, it becomes much easier to forgive yourself for the things that you think you could have done better. Loving yourself and telling yourself “Job well done” truly goes a long way with releasing guilt in other areas of your life.

Set goals

If there are areas that you want to improve on, then set goals in those areas. Instead of coming down hard on yourself, figure out what you can do differently. Focus on the solution to the problem and not the problem itself. When you do this, you’ll find that your guilt begins to melt away because you’re consciously choosing to make different choices that are more aligned with how you want to live your life.

So these are five things that I do to release any lingering guilt that come up in my life. Give them a try and watch your guilt begin to fade away too.


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