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101 Aromatherapy: Eight Scents To Boost Your Mood

101 Aromatherapy: Eight Scents To Boost Your Mood

Scents can be very powerful and can instantly change your mood. Remember the last time that you got a whiff of some perfume that reminded you of your Grandmother? It was pretty great, right? Or perhaps the smell of cookies baking in the oven can instantly send you back to some pleasurable childhood moments. Smells can be a quick pick-me-uppers, so today we are going to explore the benefits of some really pleasant aromas.

I was surfing the internet the other day and came across this amazing article which prompted me to write this article. There was a young woman who was explaining that the smell of skunk is very pleasant for her. Now, for most of us, the smell of a skunk will send us reaching for the nearest cloth to cover our noses. But this woman associates the smell of skunk to a pleasurable moment in childhood when she and her mother were out on a car ride. Her mother said, “Wow, I love the smell of skunk” and from that moment on, every time this woman smells a skunk, she thinks of this fabulous adventure with her mother. It’s amazing how aromas can totally boost your mood!

Now, most of us probably won’t go chasing down a skunk to smell its – well, very distinctive scent. However, there are some scents that are known to quickly boost your mood. If you want a quick way to improve your mood, you might want to pick up some oils or room fresheners that give off these aromas.

  1. Citrus scents such as lemon are known to be energizing and invigorating. In fact, after breathing in a citrusy lemon scent, a study showed that for most people, there was an actual increase in the brain chemicals that regulate mood.
  2. Vanilla tends to help people feel happiness and joy so feel free to give it a sniff.
  3. Thyme is sometimes used to help with a cold. When you're feeling under the weather, this might be a great way to feel a little better. Just be sure to use a diffuser because this oil can cause irritation if applied directly to the skin. Also, Thyme can be a bit strong, so you may want to try using low concentrations of it and adding a few drops of ginger, cinnamon, clove or something a little more citrusy.
  4. Lavender is a relaxing aroma. But be careful because it can make you sleepy. Many people use it as part of their bedtime regimen and others even use it to treat insomnia.
  5. Jasmine is another fragrance that is known to be relaxing. In fact, some people even report that this fragrance helps alleviate depression.
  6. Yland-Ylang is an aphrodisiac! Couples report that this fragrance naturally increases arousal and sexual appetite.
  7. Peppermint scents have been known to help ease migraine headaches. Although this isn’t quite a mood enhancer, if you can get rid of a headache I’m sure that your mood would improve instantly. And as another bonus - peppermint also helps with morning sickness in pregnancy!
  8. Rosemary can help with cognitive functioning. This scent can help you feel more alert, which definitely beats feeling groggy all day.

There are lots of different scents and combinations of scents that can help you quickly improve your mood. These are just a few of my favorites. There are also several ways that you can use the scents. You can purchase air fresheners that have these scents. Or you can grab some scented oils, sprinkle a few drops onto a tissue, and inhale the aroma. Alternatively, you can use a diffuser so that the whole room can be permeated with the aroma. My favorite way is to mix the oils into the bath water or into a favorite lotion. However you decide to use the scents, be prepared for an amazing and quick pick-me-upper!


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