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Basic Make Up

Basic Make Up

Every woman needs basic makeup. I remember when my mother taught me a couple of the basics. She never used a lot of the makeup and did not have so much advice, but the few she gave me all stayed with me until today.

I am lucky to have a daughter and maybe I still have many years to teach her. On the other hand, seeing me doing my makeup, I guess she will pick up the basics on her on. If not, I would suggest the followings to her.

  1. Foundation

When I was young, I made many mistakes, and one was to use the foundation all over the face. I took a sponge and put it everywhere. My goodness! The only thing I could create is a mummy or a woman who looks 10 years older.

Nowadays, I look 10 years younger and one of the reason is my skin and the make-up I do every day. My daily makeup is like an invisible one, natural, like I don’t have any. And the solution is to use small amounts of foundation.

Obviously, you need to have a relatively clean skin, so use dermatologist-approved ones. And for a teenage girl, this is extremely important. Otherwise, instead of a sponge, use a small foundation brush. Put the foundation cream only where it is needed: at the side of the nose, under the eyes, in between the eyebrows, and a bit on the lips before applying lipstick. After that, use a foundation powder, which also has cream inside and with a bigger brush. Put it all around where needed, but not everywhere. Nose, under eyes, forehead, chin. Go through the foundation cream with the powder. Take caution. Don't put too much.

  1. Blush

Use the blush just under the cheek bones. Blush is necessary, particularly when you have white skin. We tend to use less blush than our skin needs.

  1. Eye or Lip

The classic rule: Either your eye is strong or your Lip. If you have beautiful lips, then you should focus on them. When you have amazing eyes, then divert your focus on them. You will feel which is better for you. Never both. My girlfriend has beautifuls eyes, so she uses

  1. Eye makeup

Know your daily colours. Use eyeliner, the pen or liquid one, to line your eyes. Apply your eyeshadow then curl your lashes. I suggest you to go to a makeup specialist at least once, so that she will show you what works best.

  1. Lip

Always use a pencil to create the right line. You can use a lighter one if you want an insignificant lip. Then the choice is yours whether you use a strong lipstick or a lip gloss.

When my step-daughter was around 15, I brought her to my makeup girl and she taught her the basics. Everybody has different eye and face shape, which requires different tricks to brighten it up.


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