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Beach bag: What to put in it

Beach bag: What to put in it

Every springtime when the shops are full with new summer bags, I start to think about how big is “big enough.” Because when we are there even the biggest one seems too small for me, there is simply no big enough… so I started to think that probably it’s my family and I who complicate this topic.

I thought this year I’d make a list; maybe this time I can be the “clever one!” And we won’t look like a packed caravan in the desert without water, when we go to the beach.

List of NECESSARY things…

I wish I could say that only you and your bikini, but…having a family is a different thing

  • Towel for everybody
  • Summer hats
  • Sun protector cream, stronger for the kids
  • Extra swimwear for everybody
  • One or two games, toys for the kids – just the ones in small packets (one sandbox toy and one other maybe will be enough)
  • Sunglasses
  • Some money
  • Maybe one credit card if that’s the easiest – you will know what would work best on the beach resort – cash or card?
  • One mobile phone only for taking pictures! Packed in a waterproof and sand proof pocket
  • A book or a magazine
  • Still water
  • Maybe a NANO to play some music – but there’s no nicer sound than the sound of the waves of the sea
  • Huge (pocket of) SMILES!!! Doesn’t take up any space!
  • Little fruit or vegetable cut into pieces. It is always good for the kids if they can eat something between the main courses – only a small portion.
  • Mouthpiece, or diving equipment – if the kids or we want to dive…

Only the list is long; the things are small.

List of absolutely UNNECESSARY things…

  • Wallet with all of our money, with all of our ID cards and everything
  • More than one phone
  • Notebook, tablet, or any kind of electronic device – first of all, they all hate the sand, water, and those bastards who might steal them from us.
  • Expensive watch, jewelry, or whatnot
  • Expensive bags – sun will destroy them
  • Camera – sand can destroy them
  • Chocolate or other sweets and melting lollipop – they all hate the sun, and our bags hate them too
  • Hundred different kinds of sandbox toys
  • Extra towel for everybody (sun will dry the towels in a short time)
  • Second outfit
  • Fashionable hat
  • Robe for the kids

Basically this is the list, although I am sure everybody can put more or take out from this list, but maybe it could be a fine basis for the rest.

The beach is waiting for us!


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