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Benefits of baby-mom exercises

Benefits of baby-mom exercises

After birth, we can hardly think about any kind of sporty movements or the gym. We have many other problems than thinking about that. But approximately after 2 months, when we start to follow a nice daily routine, our rhythm with the baby is looking stable, and then we can look for something that is good for both of us.

The benefits of baby-mom exercises is a long list. To do something good for you and your baby is just fabulous.

At the 2nd month, our baby is looking around, they can focus; they’re ready to play, so why don’t we use this chance to make our time even better and during that, we can develop our baby’s willingness and our body too. So, the baby-mom exercises are recommended from the 2nd month.

Why is it good?

  • Good program for both the baby and the mom, good to step out of the flat
  • Important for the mother because it moderates the changes brought by pregnancy
  • Helps avoid after-birth depression, because the mother goes out, meets other moms and children, changing their environment, and hearing other’s stories and telling hers for those who might have the same problems or life situation.
  • This could be a kind of therapy that “brings back the life circle.”
  • Helping to accept that life doesn’t stop when you have a baby
  • Babies can see other babies. They can make contact with each other
  • Expanding baby’s world
  • Babies can feel the mother is still there even if he/she is turning or talking to others
  • Helps avoid separation anxiety
  • Mothers can talk about their cases about child rearing. They can give tips to each other.
  • Moms can make new friends
  • Baby and mom can spend time together so they can deepen their relationship
  • Mom can start learning an educational method
  • See other problem solving tactics

What’s happening?

Primarily, the mothers do exercises that are not too hard and not too strenuous body shaping activity. Overexertion can have a negative effect on milk production. So, this is a kind of body shaping hour where all the muscles and joints get trained. During class, babies are the “live weights,” mothers move the babies up and down all around. Moms need to get their shape back. These classes doesn’t only concentrate on the mom’s outside appearance but also work on their inside body. Helping to gain back the flexibility of the muscle is very important especially after birth, so it’s vital to work on that part too.

At the beginning of the class, the focus is on the babies. Starting with baby massages and continues with a bit of skills development. Why is it done in the beginning? Babies are still energized by that time, after that, when they get tired, it’s harder to work with them or keep their focus on the exercises. They get tired from the activities going on around them.

The class lasts about an hour; the goal is a familiar, calm atmosphere where everybody can enjoy exercising. It makes the babies even more comfortable if we exercise while playing baby music or we can sing children songs during class.

Then later, when the baby gets older (5-6 months old), we can start to perform aerobic moves also. Babies don’t need that much milk and they are getting heavier so we can’t use them for weights.

I do recommend this kind of exercises. It’s good to explore how good it is to work together.


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