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The first time I heard about this and saw pictures, I was shocked. What are these women doing? What are they are doing just to get attention and to get in the spotlight? These were my first reactions, then I started to think over this jolty topic.

What exactly is a brelfie?

It’s a breastfeeding selfie and it’s been rated as the top parenting trend of 2015. Not only did brelfies become popular with new celebrity mums, but they are expected to dominate social media throughout the year.

How come? What kind of world are we living in, where brelfie becomes a top rated trend?

To me, having a baby and to be a mother is one of the most delightful period in our life. These memories are for us. It’s only for the mother, father, and the baby, who can see these pictures later when he/she grows up. These are not for the public to see.


First of all, when I see photos like these involuntarily, I always feel like I’m a voyeur. I see things that I shouldn’t suppose to see and they make me see them by putting them in front pages and the Internet.

I’m sure that the celebrities – like every other mother - also sets boundaries at home between people who are allowed to see them while breastfeeding and those who are not.

I truly don’t understand one thing:

other than I won’t be allowed to see these moments in their life personally, what’s the difference between this and spreading their photos widely on any network?

Just because they don’t see me and thousands of other people seeing their picture, it makes a difference?

Without reference to this, there is another question:

there are celebrities with a moderated exhibitive personality who can rarely be seen in a provocative outfit. And then, they have a baby, and take photos of their breasts and spread the photos worldwide with their own hands. I just don’t understand.

Just because there is a baby on those breasts, it makes that part of the body less provocative than before?

I’m sure that none of them goes into a restaurant after taking a brelfie and feed their baby at the dinner table uncovered and letting all the other guests see their breasts. However, it’s funny because there must be at least one person who have already seen their photo…

In fact, it’s accepted that celebrities need to handle privacy better than us. Besides, they are always fighting for their privacy. And now, they show suddenly off their most precious moments in their life. Why? For money, to get back into the social circle of public life, because when they have nothing to do, it always seems to be a good idea to come up with something weird, something shocking? And those who don’t have their own identity will start to follow them, but if you are not a celebrity, you will only be the girl from next door who took photos of her breastfeeding.

Why is this trendy?

What is the good side of this? I don’t exactly know, but I try to find it. Because if this is a promo that is trying to help and encourage breastfeeding, then I say it’s fine, lets try that way too. Create awareness to those women who don’t want to use this beautiful and easy solution of feeding their baby for different reasons like trying to save their body, or they think there is no time for that, they don’t want to make a bond between them and their child, they don’t want to get up in the middle of the night, and so on.

But what about those women, who are not able to breastfeed? What will they think when they see those selfies? Especially when beautiful celebrities take those selfies? Their body and their breasts are perfect, they have no extra kilos, and they look perfectly happy and relaxed.

When we see these pictures, we immediately start to be anxious – but we should not to be. All those pictures seem so enforced for me. So, even if I try to find the good side of this subject, I always end up with a bad taste in my mouth.

And yes, breastfeeding is great, beautiful, and very good in building a relaxed relationship between the mother and the baby. It is going to be important in the future and will leave a remembrance in the child’s memory and life.

  • Breast milk gives the most important nutrients to the baby
  • Eupeptic to the baby against formulas
  • Reduces the risk of breast cancer
  • Breast milk builds the baby’s intelligence quotient
  • Breast milk helps clean out the meconium
  • Strengthens the baby’s immune system
  • Breastfeeding strengthens the emotional connection between the baby and the mother
  • Helps the mother’s hormone production
  • Reduces childhood diabetes
  • Gives shelter to the baby from infections
  • Helpes prevent postpartum bleeding.

I could continue this list endlessly but to make a public attraction from this just makes me think about why we cannot use the media for something useful? Why do they need to turn the vocation to wanton exhibitionism? To use the most beautiful and saintly act of life to achieve their inferior goals is really displeasing.

What I see behind this “trend” is only about a branch of unexplainable and money-hunting attraction.


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