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Do You Let Your Devices Define You?

Do we really need to change our TV every 3 years, our mobile phone or our tables, Apples stories?

Do You Let Your Devices Define You?

No, not at all. We are living in a consumer society. Our economy is based on the consumer society theory. Whenever you consume, companies make more income, create more jobs, and shareholders make more profit. But is this really the way things should be? I don’t think so.

Main question is, do we really need these gadgets to be changed so often as the ads are whispering to us?

Every electronic stuff around the house would have a new version every six months or at least once a year. For me, a phone/mobile lasts about 3 years, not because it has new versions by then, but because they just don’t last that long. Our TV was the best one when we bought it 5 years ago. I started to consider to change it. I have not changed my DVD player for the last 5 years, I need to do it now, because it got broken, and it is better to buy a new one. When it comes to my kitchen equipments they last even for a decade or more.

The creators are in a deadly competition, they need to come up with new ideas and solutions day by day. They need to sell their products; they need more and more money to finance all the developments.

But this is not our game. We can decide whether we are in or out from this.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we need to keep using our 12-year-old phone or things like that, I’m only trying to say that if something is working, and we are satisfied with it, then don’t change it just because a new one came out. Of course if it’s broken or does not work anymore, it’s time to change it, but not because the new one has a nicer color or bigger or whatever. If we are following this lifestyle, we are putting more money to that bottomless dish called multinational companies. And this is a never-ending story, at the moment.

The worst case is with the game industry, where our children push us to change their Xbox, for instance, because the new games cannot be played in the older machine. Now that one makes me really angry.

Only one thing we can do, try to not pick up this rhythm, don’t follow this flow.

Consider what you really need to change. Don’t buy things just because the neighbor has something better or they have the newest. We don’t become better men just by having these material things. Please, think it through before you buy something new again.

It’s a totally different thing if our washing machine or our vacuum cleaner breaks down.

These everyday objects are part of our life for a long time now, but unfortunately, they don’t live more than 4-5 years. They’re made that way - they don’t last longer, and we need to buy a new one because without them, we can’t keep up with our housework.

Just for curiosity, can somebody tell me why in the past, a machine like that could function for more than 10 years? Why is it that what they make today is only usable for a few years? I believe it’s because we are living in a consumer society. And in this case, we have to buy it.

  • Ergo, we are shopping regardless if we need things or not. Is it making us happy? No, maybe for a few hours yes, but after that, everything is the same.
  • We have so much money we don’t know where to spend it? No.
  • Is our personality getting better from that? No.

And please pay attention, because if the adult and parents show such examples, what will the kids see and what will they do? They’ll just follow the parent’s behavior and do the same as the grown-ups do.
So, parents have the responsibility to show good example for the next generation: the kids around us, who are hungry for new impulses and absorbing every word and every action of ours. They are learning from us, and what can we show to them?

It’s very important to be aware of our responsibility, and talking about these problems with our kids when we get the opportunity, because our kids are faced with this attitude day by day at school with friends.

Our task is to help them give enough information and if it’s possible, don’t let them fall into the trap of shopping because it can easily affect their personality, and their way of thinking and seeing the world. It could be a bad influence if they look around and they see this shopping maniac world. They need to know who to ask about that, and we, as adult and parents, have to know the answers.

It’s better if we get ready for those questions and gently guide them with our love and care.


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