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Do You REALLY Need to Detox 1-2 Times Per Year?

Do You REALLY Need to Detox 1-2 Times Per Year?

Nutritionists and Holistic Health Practitioners recommend that you detoxify your body 1-2 times per year. A good detox regimen will help to remove the toxins that have built up in your body from pesticides and other chemicals in your environment. But is detoxing twice a year REALLY that important? Here’s what I think.

When my friend first shared with me the benefits of detoxing, I must admit that I was a little skeptical. I really didn’t think that it would make that big of a difference. But when I experienced how much better the detox made me feel, I began to make it a priority. Now I do a detox regimen twice per year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

When I started detoxing years ago, I noticed how much healthier I felt and many people began to compliment me on my youthful appearance.
I’ve always tried to eat healthy in general but when I detox, I only eat fruits and vegetables and drink freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. Although I feel a little sluggish the first day or two of the detox, by the fifth day, I feel absolutely amazing. I really can’t recommend this process enough.

Why to do it every year?

Many of my friends ask me why I make it an absolute priority to detox every year and I tell them the same thing that I’m sharing with you now. Your body can eliminate some of the buildup that is accumulated throughout the year but with so many extra toxins in our environment these days, our natural system really needs some help.

Your body has a natural detox process and toxins are naturally eliminated through sweat, tears, urine, and bowel movements.
However, with the increasing amounts of pesticides in our food, the pollution in the air, household cleaners, and excessive stress (which causes toxins too), it has become even more difficult for your body to eliminate the toxins naturally.

So, detoxing twice a year will help your body eliminate those extra toxins from your body.

In fact, not detoxing every year is actually causing you more harm than you may realize. Toxins that build up in your body contribute to many health problems such as fibromyalgia, skin problems, Lupus and other autoimmune disorders, PMS, problems with menstrual cycles, migraines, constipation, bloating, food allergies, and various other types of aches and pangs.
People often do not realize how much the extra toxins from the environment are negatively impacting their health. These toxins can even cause premature aging.

However, taking a few days to detox has been shown to literally reverse many illness symptoms in many people.
Some of my friends who detox annually have dropped weight, gotten rid of migraines, improved their skin conditions, and experienced less intense PMS symptoms. And there are countless more people who report that symptoms from other more serious illnesses were alleviated from detoxing too.

Obviously if you’re suffering from severe symptoms of an illness, you will want to consult a Physician but doing a detox is something to consider since many people have felt much better once they’ve eliminated the toxins from their bodies. You really should take 5-7 days to proactively cleanse your body twice every year.


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