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Eat Healthy and Still Enjoy the Holiday Season

Eat Healthy and Still Enjoy the Holiday Season

Christmas is right around the corner. And if you’re in America, Thanksgiving was just last week. So with all of this amazing food around every corner, how can you eat healthy and still enjoy the holiday season?

Christmas is one of my favorite seasons.

It’s just so festive and people are generally friendlier. Sure the stores are a little - well, a lot more congested but I can certainly deal with that because all of the amazing food makes up for the frustrating Christmas shopping. The only problem is that “Christmas Ten.” You know, the ten pounds that you inevitably gain between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Yes, that is a bummer.

So, how can you enjoy all of the delicious foods and desserts and still avoid the “Christmas Ten?”

There are a few things that you can do.

First of all, be sure to limit your portion sizes.

One of the things that I do so that I don’t feel like I’m missing out anything is use the Tablespoon portion technique when I’m at holiday gatherings or parties. I take a tablespoon-sized portion of each dish so that I get to taste everything without overdoing it. This way, you can still get the experience of indulging, without OVER indulging.

Don’t overstuff yourself.

If there is a dish or dessert that really looks scrumptious but you didn’t get around to it, ask the hostess if you could take a sample home. Or better yet, ask for the recipe and prepare it yourself at a later time. It would make a fantastic treat for your family when the holiday season is over and it's back to the pre-holiday routine.

ANother great rule of thumb is to sit more than an arm's lenght away from munchies.

This way, you’re not tempted to mindlessly snack on unhealthy food. And if you feel a need to snack before the meal, choose healthier options such as fruit, nuts, and veggies. If you’re concerned that there will be a small variety of healthy snacks at the holiday party, bring your own. You could even volunteer to bring a healthy appetizer or starter.

And don’t forget to monitor what you drink.

Holiday punches are so delicious and because it’s not food, we sometimes forget just how unhealthy some of this stuff is. Of course, like everything else, it’s all about moderation. Yes, enjoy your favorite beverage, whether it’s Aunt Nancy’s fruit punch or Uncle Lou’s egg nog – just be sure to drink it in moderation.

Another thing that I stress is to not beat yourself up too much. Okay, so you overate a little at yesterday’s gathering – so today go a little lighter. Don’t beat yourself up, just do something different on the next go. After all, you do want to enjoy the holidays.

The key to surviving the holiday food extravaganza is balance and moderation. So enjoy the fabulous foods that the season has to offer, just do it in a healthy way.


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