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Gaining all useful info before holiday

Gaining all useful info before holiday

Although going on holiday is a positive event, the best is to being prepared. There are several useful information that we can get before arriving to the place and save time for ourselves.

Holiday season is here, when we know exactly when and where we are going, we should start to work on the details. Details that are not very pleasant - I mean those things that hopefully we don’t need to use, but better to be informed of and updated just in case.

Like these:

  • Closest hospital
  • Closest doctor and pharmacy
  • Embassy
  • Police station
  • Tourist information

Thank good Google map was helping us a few years ago, but what if we didn’t have an internet, Wi-Fi or our battery ran off? Take an extra charger with you.

Also good to know:

  • Opening hours of shops – where you can buy food or drink
  • Is there any siesta time? If yes, when is that?
  • National holidays – is there going to be one during your stay in the place
  • Weather forecast
  • Sea or ocean temperature
  • Are there any dangerous animals in the water or outside in the beach – like jellyfish, shark, or mosquito?
  • How is the public safety?
  • What we need to know about stealing, how much we need to take care of our stuff, money, phone, camera, and credit card
  • How much we have to worry about cheating
  • What we can buy on a good price
  • If traveling with kids - where is the closest zoo or amusement park?
  • Is it possible to hire a baby sitter?
  • Good to know if the beach is sandy or covered with gravel. In any case, we should bring the most appropriate shoes.
  • Avoid those places where tourists can be in trouble – like Favell, or separated districts
  • What time do the restaurants open?
  • Good to know what the local practices are - like in Arab counties or Asia

But during, before, and after, don’t forget to enjoy your holiday…that is the most important thing: to look at it positively.


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