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Getting Old Without Surgery

Getting Old Without Surgery

Ladies and Gentlemen, getting old gracefully without undergoing plastic surgery is a mental decision. It is only about accepting the fact that we are getting older and older and our body is changing continuously, but our mind and soul will stay young forever.

Very soon, I'll be entering my 40's.

Most of my friends and relatives are saying, "You are so lucky with your genes, you look like you're less than 30." When I chat with a new acquaintance, she is usually shocked that I have a 14-year-old son. But the truth is I am working on my age every day, but not necessarily through creams, but rather through my mind control.

What we’ve got as an outlook

First and very important thing is to accept your body and face.

Love this outlook that we’ve got, there is no ugly and beautiful, every person has a personal attraction, a miracle in the details, and the fact is, beauty comes from the inside. Note that: to be perfect for everybody is an illusion. When you’re balanced and satisfied, you are never going to think about surgery, because you feel perfect in your skin.

You can go and reshape your body and face and every piece of you, but if you’re not happy and satisfied inside, all that can go to waste. You know it always starts with a little here, then a little there, then the next thing you know you have simply lost your face - the original features. You will look like a zombie and worse, everybody can see it is fake, it is surgery, it is ugly and there is no way to stop, you will always need more and more.

This fact always reminds me of an old Batman cartoon, where the actor was really vain and he tested a new facial mask which makes his skin look young and beautiful but unfortunately, nobody knows the side effects of the cream, and when he started to use it continuously, it was just getting worse and worse. He always wanted more, because at the end, he could not go to the street without using this cream mask. He was ugly, old, and full of wrinkles. Then the factory who made the cream went to bankruptcy and they had to close. The actor started to look and kill for a cream, and he became an ugly killer and a human wreck. All because he was a vain and unsatisfied man, who wants to stay young forever. He paid a heavy price.

These people are never happy, they are losing their face forever, and the result is terrible.
This is just ridiculous when a woman in her golden years wants to look like a 30-year-old. Getting old means we are getting wiser and we have the knowledge to wear our wrinkles with dignity. This is a part of our life. I’ve got a friend who dreads getting old, and she used Botox ages ago, but her lovely face has disappeared. She has no mimicry, no wrinkles at all, and she looks like a wax doll. And on top of that, guess what: she is not happy!!!

Positive effects of surgery

However, on the other hand, I can support those decisions when somebody encounters an accident, or one’s entire life was miserable because of a scar, an enormous nose or ears, and the person is suffering from those symptoms, not going out on the street, not going out with friends, has no normal relationship and so on. I would say yes, in those cases, the surgery can give wings for that person. That is what surgery is for originally, changing a life and giving back one’s healthy self-confidence. I mean that would be where I draw the line. But unfortunately, this number of interventions are less than the beauty surgeries.

And yes, we can start to do things for ourselves without undergoing surgery.

Things like, yoga, mediation, breathing, face gym, massages, and balanced life would mean no stress, gain relaxation, a spiritual way of thinking. They all delay the aging process. Asking me when? There is no right time for that, only you know when the time has come for you to feel better inside and look better outside.

That is how our world is moving now, if you are nice, “perfect”, young, always looks happy and satisfied, then you have a validity.

People think that they can not be considered anymore, if they are old, because nobody wants to see them, and they are not valuable or are only useful when they look young. Even their wives or husbands do not like them when they are getting older. There is no respect for the old people anymore, our society is not turning to them, asking their advices, how it was in the old times. During those times, we respected the old ones, they had authority and they represented wisdom. Where is this today? Are the old people equal or even more respected, than the young? This generation thinks if you are old, you’re dead or worse, just a liability to the society. NO!

This is a fake world that we are living in; fake smiles, fake bodies, fake people. Twinkling outside and damned inside. But we can make this life better if we think this over.

Let’s make it beautiful inside and let it shine outside.

Send a message to those who are resorting to surgeries, maybe one day, they will understand what they have done. And teach our children to respect the senior people and be self-respected as well.


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