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Health Side Effects of too Much Electronics III

Metabolism problems

Health Side Effects of too Much Electronics III

We have talked much about the side effects of being addicted to electronics and all the symptoms can worsen our life quality or our children's life quality. Let’s see the last part of this topic: what effects can it cause on our metabolic system?

Perhaps we all know the moment when we realize that we forgot to eat breakfast, our coffee is already cold and anyway, we’d like to go to the bathroom for half an hour now…but there’s still an e-mail to read, a short question to answer, or one document to check. Long hours when our body still needs some vegetative support and we deny its demand. We consider our body in these cases as a person who can wait, but it’s not: it’s us. Our body has to be healthy stay productive and on top.

So: why don’t we respect our own body when we are in front of a screen?

It doesn't matter if it’s a television, a pc, or a game (as children do).

Normally, when we have to go to the bathroom, we go immediately as we can and we eat something when we are hungry. When we are working or watching tv, time goes by without us recognizing how much time went by.

Eating tiny amount and gaining weight

The “least worst” side effect is when we forget to eat or eat an hour later than usual. This won’t bother the body’s metabolic system unless we do this every day and the delay is so much that we eat the breakfast during lunchtime or lunch in the evening. This leads to skipped meals and low quality of meals. Other than that, it can easily happen that you find yourself eating in front of the PC just just so you can continue what you’ve done.

Think it over: our body works with cycles and we are the ones who are responsible for balanced cycles. When the body used to acclimatized the system, it takes time to get used to another one because of a diet or whatnot. When we have no system, no cycle, our metabolic system understands the situation as a crisis. So, when it gets food, it will store all the values! This may lead to obesity even if we eat small amounts of food, especially if you count on sitting all day with minimum muscle work, low speed metabolism, and poor-quality food that can be eaten in front of the pc.

Drinking less and keeping back the stimulus

Drinking less than needed is a major problem for many people, leading to serious diseases. Skipping bathroom time is also a major problem that leads to incontinency and more problems.

How would it lead to any happy end if these two problems are combined? Not enough liquid makes the metabolism slower and increases the risk of obesity. By making the blood thicker and by sitting so much, blood pressing demand more effort from the heart, which increases the risk of high blood pressure or pulse and more serious diseases.

To make a quick count: we spend usually 8 hours at work and another 8 awake. Only by counting each medium glass of water you drink, we could easily drink the suggested 2 litres of water which is the minimum that should be drunk per day. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? So why is it that despite this, so many of us with a normal lifestyle struggle with drinking enough?

The answer is easy: we forget to drink and don’t recognize the feeling of thirst (even misunderstand the feeling and many of us mistake it for hunger, which also leads to obesity).

Being hydrated is important as cells are made from water mostly. Water is our gasoline, so we have to come up with tricks that can help us drink enough. If nothing works, set your timer to ring when you have to drink a glass of water.

Drinking less to avoid going out to the toilet so often is not a solution nor does keeping the stimulus back. If you have the opportunity to go, please go.

Do not forget that the human body is like a watch: if a winding wheel is not working properly, the others won't work as well. All circumstances are attached to the others and we have one body to live our life with. We need to support ourselves. There’s no reason to destroy our body and it's such a silly reason if we simply stick to a screen. It does not make sense to risk having diseases that needs medical treatment.

Also please monitor your kids' gaming habits. Think it through: if we- adults – skip eating or drinking because of work, what will kids do for the sake of a game?

All the problems can be treated easier at the beginning and prevention is the easiest.


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