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How to Create the Perfectly Organized Bathroom

How to Create the Perfectly Organized Bathroom

An organized bathroom cuts down on the time that it takes to get yourself ready in the morning as well as for night time outings. It also keeps the kids from losing things and slowing down the morning routine. Today I’m giving some tips about how to create the perfectly organized bathroom.

One of the places where we as women and moms can be a little bit messy is in the bathroom. But I’ve found that a well-organized bathroom really helps keep the clutter down and saves time when I’m trying to get ready in the morning. Here are some of the things that I do to keep my bathroom organized.


An organized bathroom starts with the counter, after all, that is the first thing that people notice when they walk into any bathroom. You have to decide what goes and what stays. I keep a small basket filled with the toiletries that I use often on my counter top. I also have a stack of white wash cloths – I use a fresh one every morning and every night to get that spa-like feeling. And that’s all that I keep on my counter surface.


I use the drawers to keep other things that I use frequently so that I don’t clutter up my counter space. The top drawer in my bathroom is split between my husband and me. I got two small bins that fit perfectly side by side in the drawer – you can also use drawer dividers. Fill the bins with the things that you and your husband commonly use. Let’s see, in ours we have toothpaste, tooth brushes, tweezers, face cream, deodorants, razors, floss, etc.

The bottom two drawers, I admit are mostly mine. But you and your husband (and if you share a bathroom with the kids) can split these drawers up in a way that is most helpful for you. The second drawer is the beauty supply drawer. This is where I keep my makeup, hair brush, comb, hair accessories, etc. Whenever I’m in a rush, I know exactly where to find my favorite brush. The bottom drawer is where you can keep larger more clunky stuff, since it is typically a larger space. This is a perfect place to put the hair dryer, curling iron, large containers of mouthwash, and anything else that takes up a lot of space.

Now we can get even more creative. Small plastic bins (you know the ones that are about the size of a shoe box) are perfect for storage. You can use them to store excess items under the cabinet. For instance, if you stock up on toothpaste, deodorant, travel supplies, cotton swabs, or whatever you stock up on – sort them by function, label the bin, and store them away. It doesn’t get any easier or more functional than that.


And if you share your bathroom with the kids, then here’s another great tip. Give each of your children a bin that is labeled with their name on it. Inside the bin should be their individual hygiene kit which should include toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, a small container of body wash or soap, a small bottle of mouthwash, deodorant, lotion, and any other item that they use on a daily basis. It should be their responsibility to let you know if anything needs replacing and it should be kept inside of the bathroom closet. Designate a shelf just for those hygiene kits. This way your counter tops aren’t cluttered with unnecessary supplies and your kids can easily access what they need without taking over your drawer space.


And of course there are the towels and washcloths. Be sure to keep a stack of clean towels and wash cloths in the bathroom closet. I like to have all one neutral color (like white) or several stacks of different colors, this way when you are switching the color theme in your bathroom or you need to wash the towels that are hanging up, then it’s quite easy to switch them out without having to worry about whether or not everything matches.

The bathroom closet is also the place to store extra toilet tissue - so that guests don’t have to hunt down the toilet paper if it is low. Keep in mind that most people will check the closet first. It’s also a good idea to put up a rack over the toilet so that you can keep an extra roll or two in sight. Be sure to spruce the rack up with some artificial flowers or some other trinket to keep the space looking pleasant. On the same token, you can also grab an over-the-shower organizer to keep shampoo, body wash, and your bathing sponges. This will keep it organized and keep down the mildew.

So these are my favorite tips for organizing the perfect bathroom. It’ll keep the clutter down and help you get ready much quicker!


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