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How to Feel and See Ourselves Beautiful After Birth

Accept your body after giving birth!!!

How to Feel and See Ourselves Beautiful After Birth

Obviously, it doesn’t mean if you gained 20-25kg during pregnancy, you can just sit back and do nothing. But don’t force the process, give yourself TIME.

Wherever we go, whatever we see around us in the TV and on the Internet are just FALSE!

It is all about celebs after 6 weeks of the birth looking back at us in a bombastic form. I wouldn’t surprise me at all if we, simply “mortals” and mothers, want to achieve the same goals. And we try and try but nothing really happens. Trying the best diets, which is a totally impossible mission, if we are breastfeeding our baby. Gym is also funny. Exercises? No way! And then when we still don’t see any changes after weeks, we brokenly stand in front of the refrigerator and tell ourselves that this is not possible for us.

But there is no reason to feel sorry for ourselves, and I’ll tell you why:

I’ve never met a woman who would not change completely after birth. Inside-out.

After the baby arrives, nothing is going to be the same again.
Many women get scared, but there is no reason for that, because this change is the most beautiful thing in a parent’s life. Your way of thinking will be different; your agenda will be completely different; your marriage, your family affairs, the way you look at your life; your entire life will be different.
Your body has changed, but don’t take this reality as a tragedy, take it as a gift. Because your body is a temple and this temple gave you a chance to have a baby, and gave your baby a home for 9 months. Therefore our body needs a respect; don’t destroy this wonderful machine. Rather, help in its recovery.

Most of women thought that during the pregnancy, and after giving birth, they will never be in the same shape as before. The kilograms, the rounded shapes, the saggy skin, and the sleepless nights all reveal our outlook. But this is not important at all, because you know, you’re having your baby under your heart. Without this knowledge, we can hardly bear the side effects.

And later, when the baby is born, we start to worry about the stomach not going back nicely, boobs getting sagged, or how our weight is not going back to our ideal weight.

Never forget one thing: You gave life!

And this is the biggest and most miraculous achievement in your life. And that admirable “thing,” your baby, is just next to you! Worth it, isn’t it?

The main idea is that, we simply cannot expect for ourselves to be in the same form as we were before the birth, especially only after few a weeks after pregnancy. Our body did a huge job, needs time for recovery and rest and that needs a lot of good and healthy food, and a lot of patience. The most you can do to start is to take nice walks with the baby,

but the most important thing is to deal with the issue mentally.

Look at yourself in the mirror every day and say: “’I’ am an amazing and attractive woman; I just gave birth to my (and my partner’s) greatest happiness”.

Mental massage

“All will be decided in the head,” I used to say.

So, train yourself, put nice and positive thoughts in and let negativity out day by day. Think about the happiness that you have. Who cares about the body in this time anyway? If you can give a bit of attention to what to eat, and move a little, like walking, that is more than enough to start. Then you will see, everything is going to slowly change. And your “mother body” will be even nicer than it was before.

Think it over; this period of our life is the most feminine part. We are mothers, lovers, wives in one mind and body. These are extras from life, and we have a chance to enjoy this.

It is only up to us how we handle this chapter of our life.

And one more thing, your are one and unique, there is nobody else who can be in your body, and you are able to make decisions about yourself and take responsibility too.

You don’t need to look like somebody else. Never forget that.


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