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How To Practice Unconditional Love?

How To Practice Unconditional Love?

The simple meaning of unconditional Love is not wanting anything in return, and if you can practice this true form inside, there will be no disappointment in your life.

Love has many forms: childish love, parental love, romantic love, etc. And most of them come with expectations. They appear in the different period of our life, like our roles.

Unconditional love is the love which we could even call divine love.

The love when you start to see the true nature in everything and we love that, understanding that each of us are connected so loving him or her, loving a tree or an animal, means that loving one's self.

To take the first steps, it might be weird at the beginning, but after you incorporate it into everyday life, you will feel the gratitude. Feel grateful for life and the love you have inside. Every one of us has it, we're born with it, and there is no end or no beginning, LOVE is always there, and that unconditional love makes us FREE! Feels good to give and costs nothing.

Every mother knows this deep emotion. The feeing they have about their child is fundamentally an entrée for unconditional love. Mothers surrounding their children with care and attention, provision; loving the baby without expectations, this is unconditional love.

Mothers don’t want to possess, they feel so much gratitude every minute of their life because they can hold their baby. And the baby is happy too! The Mother is there in every one of us, even if we are male or female. There is no exception, everybody is capable to give unconditional love.

But if we would like to practice, how can we do that in our everyday life?

We don’t need to be St. Francis of Assisi. He is the greatest example of unconditional love. He loved every creature in this world and he held the whole universe in his arms. And he did this with a great humility and unconditional love.

The qualities of unconditional love are:

  • Attention
  • Provision
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Release
  • Live without possession
  • Recognize the ego and overwrite
  • Forgiveness
  • Fearlessness
  • Resignation
  • Sacrifice
  • Generosity

The first steps:

No fears

With fear and anger, we are not able to turn our attention to love. Anger is the reflection of fear. Fear is the stage of ego where we are not unified inside. We doubt ourselves. So, if we forgive ourselves – let us let go of our anger and fury. We trust who we are, we can start to concentrate automatically on loving. And this love will appear in our life like many tiny miracles, and we can be grateful for that in every minute, and miracles will grow and bring more love into our life.

Be grateful

Be grateful for your life, everything that exists in this world manifested from love. Even our life. And if I look around, I can’t see gratitude. People think that what they have is all coming naturally, that it is their subjective right. It is not. Everything around us is made by other people. So say “thank you” to them, say thank you for that person who made a good meal for you, say thank you for the waiter if he's working fine, say thank you to your husband when he is working all day long to give you everything that you need. Say thank you to the world because you can be part of it.

Unconditional love makes you free!

What does it mean? It means whoever you are, you can be that person, you can declare your thoughts and feelings with full confidence. You don’t need to be frightened of anybody that can deprive that love from you. Nobody will punish you for your openness and honesty. There is no admission for your love, no need to pay for that.

"There is no third possibility: love is either conditional or unconditional. Either I attach conditions to my love for you or I do not. To the extent that I do attach such conditions, I do not really love you. I am only offering an exchange, not a gift. And true love is and must always be a free gift."

John Powell: Unconditional love

Wake up and remember who you are, remember that happiness, what is fundamentally yours from the beginning. Try to live your life with the feeling of love. Smile, help, understand, and just love, then watch the people’s reaction around you. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Just give it a try.


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