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Importance of sun protection

Importance of sun protection

Safe sunbathing is very important, not because it could cause cancer, but because of sunburn. When we are having a sunbath our body producing vitamin D, what is the most effective protection against any kind of cancer even melanoma.

Sun not only giving us vitamin D, but helping us to feel better.
We need sunshine, there are many research demonstrated that fact: those countries where the sunny hours are less in the North are having much more depressed people, compared to the people in the South, where the quota of depression is much lower. Sun is the light in our life and we need it so much after the long winter days.

In summer days everybody want to spend much more time outside, even more when we are going to a holiday and spend all day under the sun, or we don’t?

That is the question, how can we do this? How should we get enough sunshine to collect for winter days, and bring vitamin D to our organization, but also not get burned, because that can cause serious damages?

Does this sun protectors are really saving us?

The American Environmental Working Group made a research called: “which is effective and which one is safe”.
They tested 785 different kind of sun protector, 85% was not giving good enough protection or contains dangerous elements. 17% protect from UVA and UVB stay stabile result of the solar and not contains too many harmful ingredients. The test made by 4OO scientific article, industrial data and official data. Many of the sun protectors are not giving us protection against the UVA which can cause us skin lesion, rapid aging and cancer.

This is a strange paradox about creams, the ingredients decompose due to the sun after 2-3 hours, after let it in the dangerous spurious. The cosmetic companies are freely writing everything to the bottles, they are not regulated, 5O% of the written information is false. Better to take these information like “protect all day”, or “waterproof” and “save from arm-rays” handle with attention.

After all of that what else we can do?

We can’t stay in the room all summer...

  • Choose a sun protector from that 17%
  • Move to the shadow between 11:OO – 15:OO
  • Spend 2O-3O minutes under the sun, not get burned
  • Wearing a light color dress, hat and sunglasses when we our outside in midday
  • Protect ourselves in the city too, with clothes
  • On the beach the kids can wear and we also a second skin, a lycra suit

Specially taking care with the kids, they are running around, they don’t really understand if we tell them to avoid from the sunny area between this and that time. For them is always the suit and hat on the beach and clothes in the city, and of course never let them under the sun in midday.

Second skin:

This is a really clever solution to the kids, they are not uncomfortable, they are cover and save from the sun. We don’t need to running after the child every time when they coming out from the water to put the cream continuously and also can help to recognize our kids in between 2O other kids on the beach :)

Don’t be afraid of sun, but always be circumspect, we need the sun, but if we don’t “use” it with a care it can hurt. The keyword is: moderation, just like with everything.


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