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Influence the Baby’s Gender

Myth or fact?

Influence the Baby’s Gender

Basically, two types of parents exist, type A: does not want to know the baby's gender; take it as a surprise, while type B: wants to know. But then, maybe there is a new team as well, team C: wants to influence the gender. Is there any way to influence the gender or is this just an old myth?

First of all, let's check out the facts and how medicine and science are related to this topic.

MicroSort Method

This method was created to eliminate hereditary sicknesses attached to gender, such as hemophilia. The point is that the father's sperm are separated according to whether it carries X (girl) or Y (boy) chromosomes. This method is possible only if artificial insemination may be available, but you need to know that girls are only 72% successful while boys are 92%. Some countries currently does not carry out this method, but in the United States, Australia, and Belgium has the available methods. If anyone is interested, you can visit the American Genetics & IVF Institute's website to read about it in more detail.

Shettles Method

This method is based on whether the carrier of the Y-chromosome gametes remain agile and alkaline environments are only viable in the long run, so if you want a baby boy, it's worth being together for the duration of the timing of ovulation (the time of ovulation requires ovulation test to determine exactly). Sperm with the Y chromosome can survive up to two days, so that's why you should choose poses, wherein the man can penetrate deeper so that the sperm is closer to the cervix and the faster they can reach the egg. If you want a her, you should know that the X-chromosome sperm is sluggish and also viable for up to a week, so it is worth the "action" and commit to the traditional missionary pose, choosing some 2-3 days before ovulation. This method has an 85 percent success rate.

Let's see the non-scientific methods...

Chinese calendar

This method is based on the observation of a Chinese scholar from the 13th century, which says the woman in some periods can only produce a boy; in other periods only conceive a girl. For computation, the birth date of the mother must be given, and the result will tell us which times she will more likely have a male or a female child conception. The method is largely successful in 80% of cases. Another data says 55-67%.

Based on horoscope

In this method, it should be calculated which time period and in what signs the moon stands. In the case of positive and masculine signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius) the Moon is standing, a boy can be expected. In the case of negative and feminine signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces), the Moon is standing, it should mean a baby is going to be a small girl.

And finally, what the old beliefs say:

  • If the couple haven’t been together for a long time, that means a baby boy. If they have sex often before, it means baby girl.
  • Some even used to say: a man can only make one kind of gender, and you need to change your man if you want a different gender for your baby.

But when the baby is already conceived, people even base on different observations to try to find out what kind of child is hiding in the tummy.

  • The pre-rounded, conical shape of the abdomen region, means it's a boy, and a full tummy and hip and a flatulent pregnant mom-to-be means it's a girl.
  • Some argue that the belly location can be crucial: if bulge is down, that must be a little boy, and if it starts high, the mother can expect a little girl.
  • The common morning sickness, and a strong desire of sweets and fruits also indicate a baby girl. If the mommy is expecting a boy, it means less nausea and a craving for salty, bitter, and meaty dishes.

But those who want to know for sure, have to wait until the 18th-20th week of pregnancy, and the doctor will tell for sure what the baby's gender is.

The choice is yours, but even if it is scientific or based on old myths, pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in this world. Always listen to your inner voice. I believe that gives you the most accurate forecast.


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