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Ladies Christmas Outfits

Ladies Christmas Outfits

There are many different outfits that you can create during the holiday season. Some will probably be more casual while others will be more formal depending on the event that you’re dressing for. So, whether you’re dressing for a day around the house with the kids or for the office holiday party, here are two Christmas outfit ideas that you might like.

One of the great things that I really enjoy about Christmas is all of the wonderful Christmas fashion that I see all around me. From the models on television to ordinary moms in the mall, people like to dress for the Christmas occasion. Some of us have a sense for fashion flair while others need a little help figuring out what to wear for those Christmas events. Since I love getting dressed up for the holidays, I thought I’d share two Christmas outfits that you might really like.

Casual Christmas outfit

For the casual events that you have on your schedule or if you’re headed out to the mall for some light Christmas shopping, here is a festive outfit that you’ll love.

Start with a long sweater in a Christmas color. It can be green, read, white, silver or gold – or a combination of those colors. I like relatively fitted sweaters with three quarter sleeves but your sleeve length can be any length that you like.

Add a pair of leggings that complement your colorful shirt. You can go into super Christmas mode and wear only Christmas colors (i.e. red and green) or you can select a neutral color for your leggings. If you don’t like leggings, then you can substitute a pair of fitted straight leg pants.

Finish up with a pair of boots and accessories. The boots can be long, short, furry, or leather. It doesn’t really matter as long as they complement the outfit. I really like super long boots with fur at the top. And don't forget the cute Christmas hats and scarves. You can be creative with the accessories, just make sure they have a similar color scheme as your top.

Put all three of these together and there you have it – a casual but very cute Christmas outfit!

Formal Christmas Outfit

Now, there are events that are a bit more formal that will require an outfit a bit fancier than a sweater and leggings. I’ve got some ideas for those events too. Here’s one formal outfit suggestion:

Choose a shimmering dress that is a Christmas color such as red, green, silver, or gold. It doesn’t matter how long the dress is – it can be knee length, mid-calf, or ankle length. Whatever works for your body type and sense of style.

Choose a pair of neutral color stockings that match your skin tone. You don’t want your hosiery to detract from your outfit.

Select a pair of shoes that are the same color as your dress. Not only does this give a more elegant appearance but it is also very flattering and slimming.

Add some accessories to your outfit. Here is where you can really get creative. Choose jewelry that resembles Christmas ornaments to really make the outfit seem even more Christmas-like.

This outfit is absolutely stunning when paired correctly. Play around with it until you get your best look.

So those are two great Christmas outfit ideas that are both really chic and versatile that you can wear during the Christmas season.


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