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Let It Go

Let It Go

Was there ever a time in your life when you really wanted something? With all your heart? Of course… Thinking about something or someone, dreaming about it, and how it would be like if it would be yours. But nothing happened. Then later, when you have forgotten about it, or you just gave up on it, after a while… it seemed to appear quietly or jump in to your life suddenly. At that moment you realized: “That was my dream, that was THE thing or THE one I wished for a long, long time ago. In this case, you used (consciously or unconsciously) the art of letting go!

How does this happen with a relationship?

To let go of our loving partner or the person we just dreamed about, is very hard.
We always remember the beautiful things. Of course, it is natural. However, be aware of the balance: there must also be ugly and unhappy things too. Or it could be that you simply don’t match or it is not the right time.

At least once in our life, we will face the difficult moment when we need to know how to let it go. This is part of the learning process about ourselves, our needs, and about others.

When we realize that this person is not the right one, at this moment, we need to let him go.

In a relationship, it is rare that both parties decide to end it. In most cases, one has to say the last word or make the last move. To be that person is hard, especially when the feeling of love is still there. It's just that the place, the circumstances, the possibility of living together is not right. I saw so many examples around me, and I was in those people's shoes a few times. Sooner or later, we have to let the other person go– and this must to happen with love...only with love. With gratitude in our souls for all of what we got, and all we learned.
This is not easy. Sometimes we could be so harmed in the relationship. We could have hoped so much that this one would have worked. We invested so much time, even years, still hoping for it to come back, to try to make it. But there are situations when a relationship, a marriage, or even a friendship does not work anymore and for the best of both parties. You need to let it go. It takes time.

I want to share with you that the moment when you make the move, it will be hard, but when you look back, you’ll be grateful for everything and everybody, even for the “bad” things. All of those brought something for you to understand. If you try to practice these thoughts, sooner or later you will see that anger and hate will disappear from your heart, and deep inside of you, you will know that you will help each other with the moving on.

One of the reasons why we have to move on is when there is somebody who is holding us back.
I believe that a relationship works for long-term only if we can be a better person next to the other one. I used to say:

"It does not matter, where you are on your self-development. But it does matter if when I am with you, that I become a better person. I love you, because you make me better.
If this is not the case. If you feel like you are in a cave, in a relationship which pulls you back, then you need to go. And you need to understand what you learned. Learn from those who hold you back, they teach you to be strong.

The one who caused me pain, taught me to endure and taught me that I don’t always need to endure.

The one who refused me, took me to a new direction, and opened the way for me to get to know new people.

The one who looked down on me, inspired me to become a better person.

So whatever the reason is to end it, with all of these, we can let go of people with gratitude and love.

Every feeling and thought about the other is waiving towards creating energies. It does not matter what they did to you – if you turn to them with love and gratitude, they will receive this energies and they will feel the same positive feelings. This works, I know. I tried and I’m not the only one. And this way, you also bring great tranquility and peace into your life.
Because this is the law of souls: not the confrontation of souls, but the connection of souls.

Everybody in our life come and go for a reason.

We have to learn from the other person's soul. Try not to forget that. Even if you push hard, if you stay too long, if you come back when nobody wants you anymore, it will end, life will do it for you. But if you miss the moment of understanding why you have to let it go, the same story will come back with a different scene, and you need to repeat again and again until you learn to let it go.

Realize on good times how long you can be with that person, what did you learn, why did you meet, until this relationship is building the person and giving positive experiences, but when it is mostly negative, annoying, or causes a lot of energy to keep it up…then it's better to let it go, and put all the experiences in your pocket with love and gratitude.

To let go gives you freedom.

Freedom of choice, because we can decide to suffer, slowly die, or to live. We can flatter ourselves, saying everything is ok; it is going to be fine or better soon. Yes, sometimes it can turn to good, but be sharp in this case, and don’t build a castle in the sky, because it will always end with a big disappointment. And if you go further, you can cause more damage to yourself than you've ever thought.

And finally, let me mention the indescribable feeling of letting go.
After the feeling of freedom, you realize you write your own destiny, this will give you a beautiful smile on your face, love in your heart, and endless happiness.


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