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What can be a meditation?

What can be a meditation?

Meditation is very important for each of us. But what is it? Why do we think that this is something too sophisticated for daily life? Why do we think that only people who are related to the eastern martial art could do it? I'll tell you one of my meditation place. This is the toilet. Really.

When my son was very small and he took all my energy, the toilet was the only place to gain some back. I closed the door, sitting there 10-15 minutes. Just sitting and think of anything. We could very well say, just relaxing. That was my way of survival at that time. But today with my daughter…no way. She is even following me to the toilet. And if I lock myself in, she turns into a drama queen.

Many people won't consider meditation overly sophisticated if they would know how simple it is. They would use it as a refreshment instead of a cup of coffee. There are two levels of meditations and I would like to share a few ideas to reach the first one, which is to clear your mind and also listen to your inner voice.

Cleaning the mind, specifically for women, is difficult. We have 4000 thoughts going through our mind in the span of a minute. But when we manage to do it, our brain refreshes, our thoughts clears up, and we can enjoy the moments again.

  1. Have long walks

By "long walks," I mean a minimum of 40 minutes. If you need to go to an appointment, go there by walking.

  1. Painting

Painting art or even painting a wall is a real meditation. I love to do it. It needs time, but it gives you so much energy and the result will be a beautiful piece.

  1. Listen to Chopin

Or any classical music. Take a nice chair, and listen to music at least for 30 minutes. Let the music go through you.

  1. Gardening

Many women do gardening because it is relaxing. When you are watering plants, you can’t think. Water is a cleaning mechanism. When you take care of your plants, you think of beauty and not the stress. You will smile and breathe in the nature.

  1. Eating

Eating is a type of meditation in India. They are eating with 3 fingers and repeating mantra at the same time. They enjoy the taste of the food. When I eat alone, I try to do the same and I put the phone away.

  1. Rest 30 minutes

Rest for 30 minutes in the middle of the day. But only 30 minutes. This is a kind of serious meditation. Just focus not to think of anything. Let the thoughts go away. It is amazing. I do not need to set and alarm I always get up after 30 minutes.

  1. Monk walk

I call the Taichi walk this. It needs a bit of practice to learn it, but it's worth the effort when you walk, smile, and be grateful.

You need this time. Find your way and have 30 minutes privacy per day to refresh, and to rid yourself of bad energy and bad thoughts.


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