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Prepare for the Baby Coming Home

Prepare for the Baby Coming Home

Every one of us has a different opinion about that 9 months of pregnancy. Our body is reacting many other ways just as our personality. But from that moment when we are sure about being pregnant, we are preparing ourselves for the day of birth. And these are wonderful moments for us, for our husband, and if you have another kid or kids, it's the same for them too.

Approximately, from the end of the 2nd trimester, we can start to prepare our house, and our life consciously.
Even if we have a routine or not, with the first baby or the third, these things are going to help our life with our newborn baby. Your focus is going to be on the new arrival, you won’t have that much time to take care of cleaning, cooking, or washing. You won’t be able to go out for dinner, or to a movie theatre. Everything will be revolving around your baby, feeding him, and putting him to sleep.

Even if you know this already, it will still be a hard time for sure, and even if your husband and kids can help, everything is going to be totally different and wonderful at the same time. The first few weeks is like a separate world for you and the baby, just focusing on each other and swimming in happiness. But what is happening with the rest of the family?

Tips to make the first few weeks easier:

  • Finish the baby room – make it comfortable for yourself and for the baby, put away useless things, try to keep it simple. This is good for you when you clean and move
  • Set up a spring cleaning in your home, regardless of what season it is. It is also a good exercise for you, but if you need help, then ask for it.
  • Clean the windows, the carpets, and all the big things because after the baby arrives, you definitely won’t have time for that
  • Wash the big things like bed linens and towels.
  • Do all the ironing
  • Buy and separate all the cleaning materials – put it somewhere within your reach and far from the children.
  • Try to do a pre-cooking for the family – of course, it depends on the size of your fridge, but if you just make a few portions, it's already a big help when your home is all focused on the baby.
  • Make half-ready food, portion them, and put them away
  • Buy all the basic ingredients for cooking – you don’t need to send your husband to shop
  • Make a list about what is important before giving birth – and don’t put anything on the “later” list
  • Go to the cosmetician – ask for a facial
  • Do the pedicure, manicure
  • Go to the hairdresser, to get a new cut and color
  • Organize programs with friends, husband, and kids like movie, theatre, family and friends dinner, programming with the kids, because the first few weeks won’t be about that.
  • Buy the first package for the baby
  • Buy a few easy games for the older kids like – simple puzzle, plasticine, colored papers for cutting, a slide projector, or books
  • Think it through and write down your daily routine
  • Organize help – ask family members and friends to help with little things, bring some ready food sometimes. That could be heaven for you, when you do not even know who you are anymore. Ask them to come over and take care of the baby when you need 30 minutes of sleep, or if you want to go out for a 20-minute walk.

I know we can’t be prepare for everything, but if we are clever and forehanded, we can save time, we can stay calm, and we can give everybody what they need.The most important thing is that you find your way in this new situation. Handle the problems coming up and try to take it easy.

And most of all, don’t plan to have everything perfect.

This is a new situation even if it is not your first baby, you need to get used to it, and adapt to a new lifestyle. It takes time.


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