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Step by step back to our pre-birthing body

Step by step back to our pre-birthing body

After the chaotic first weeks, and only after those, we can start thinking about or body again. Sometimes, the only reason why we don’t start to do some exercises or any kind of body movement is because we don’t find the best exercise that fits us and suits the baby. Maybe we are just lazy to look around, we don’t want to do it alone, we can’t leave our baby alone, we don’t have a helper, or whatnot. But one thing’s for sure, if we decide to do something, we will definitely find the right one. It is only a matter of decision.

During breastfeeding, it’s not possible to have a diet, so let’s forget about losing weight during that time, and it’s much better if you just start a sport.

A few obvious tips to help you out of your dilemma…

Away-from-home activities with or without the baby

  • In the beginning, even if you gave birth through Cesarean, the best move is walking; shorter to longer, slower to faster
  • Other aerobe movements like jogging, minimum of 4O minutes
  • Swimming
  • Running without a baby
  • Running with your baby on a special baby carriage
  • Bicycling only after the 3rd month
  • Water gym

Activities at home

Especially if you did not do any kind of sport before getting pregnant, it’s always better to start with something light and easy that is not killing you but helping you get back in shape. And in this case, you don’t have to go anywhere or leave your baby alone, baby can be around you or you can do these exercises while the baby is sleeping.

  • Biking at home for 40-50 minutes makes miracles, but of course, if you can
  • Treadmill at home is wonderful, you can walk, jog and even run
  • A stepper is even smaller and very useful
  • Baby-mommy gym if you force yourself to do a lot of aerobe movements
  • Water gym with or without the baby
  • Yoga if you practiced it before, because if you never did yoga, it’s better to go to the yoga studio first to make yourself comfortable with an asana. It’s better to be instructed and practice the right moves, than just try it at home on your own, which may cause injuries and you won’t achieve the desired effects.
  • Exercises from the Internet. You can find a wide selection of exercises. You can choose what suits you best.
  • Dance: just choose your favorite music and dance until you can’t breath. That releases happiness hormones. Just wonderful!

Question: Won’t I have less milk if I exercise?

Movement itself does not affect the quantity or the quality of the milk. If you feed your baby before exercising, you can avoid breast tension. Wear a good quality sports bra or a top. Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or in pain.

Question: Is housework not enough?

Not really! Most of the housework is not effective enough. If you want to lose weight or build muscles, you need to exercise one muscle group for 20-30 minutes, or make an aerobe movement for a minimum 40 minutes, because you need to reach a pulse increase that trains your heart, stimulates circulation, and uses energy from fat. That’s only possible if you work out.

Sports is always fun, not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

It especially affects us positively after giving birth. Helping us escape from the everyday hustle and bustle at home! This is a kind of flow that we can achieve through sports and if we try that once, we will look for more for sure.

Go, mothers, go!!!


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