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Surviving the early days when baby comes home

Surviving the early days when baby comes home

We were waiting for that moment 9 months ago, finally our baby is in our arms in good health and happiness. But nothing is going to be the same as before. And you can expect that nothing is going to be the same way with what the magazines, books, and friends said. This is your family now, with your rules and everything revolves around you and the baby, and what makes this happier and more comfortable is if you make things clear and done before you come home with the new arrival.



  • Make a list and buy everything you will need in the first weeks, go and see the health visitor, and go to the doctor and ask for a recipe for creams, talcum powder, etc.
  • Fill up your fridge and freezer
  • Don’t forget about the baby carrier, first clothes, and everything you will need in the kitchen
  • Think about who is going to help and how – mother and mother-in-law will help for sure, but make it clear that they can help in the household; you will take care of the baby, not the other way around!
  • Ask a friend to bring some warm food sometimes – if there is nobody better, find a home delivery restaurant. Don’t try to be a superhero in this time, you can't be a super mother, a super wife, and a super housewife in one time. Give this up. Relax.

When you're at home…

  • Try to keep your calm – very important for you, for the baby, and for your husband. If you're starting to rush, and get upset, everything will take double time and double energy.
  • Don’t try to save the world – just be in your world, with your newborn family. Enjoy this isolation for a while.
  • Don’t organize a window washing and a big clean-up – household is the last thing in this time.
  • Always take care of yourself – spend one or two hours with yourself, even if it is a walk, a little rest, or a nice cup of coffee. Take your time. That will fill you up.
  • If you feel strange with the newborn situation, talk to your husband, friend, mother, or whoever is close to you. Just don’t keep it inside.
  • Try to go out, even if it is a little food shopping or a short walk. Just go out!
  • Sleep when your baby is sleeping, otherwise, you’ll be dead after a week.
  • Be patient with your husband – while the baby is sleeping, turn your mommy mode to wife mode and show him your feelings and talk with him with attention.
  • Don’t lose your temper if he bought a wrong thing from the shop or he is out late– don’t forget that it is up to us, too, what kind of dad he’ll be.
  • In the first few weeks, keep yourself alive with the fact that the weekly plan will help and will fit you and the whole family, and the daily routine will be stable and make your life lighter every day.

I know it is not the easiest part of our life but it is beautiful and unforgettable for sure…. You definitely won’t remember the sleepless nights, your wounded nipples, or your formless body…

Only those wonderful moments when your baby is sleeping in peace with a full stomach and you are just watching this miracle of life and your heart will be filled of gratitude and love.

Nothing else matters then…


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