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The danger of sharing too much information

The danger of sharing too much information

Have anyone ever thought what information means for those who want to harm you? Of course this is not the way of positive thinking, but the devil never sleeps. If the chance is there, it’s always a big temptation for those who are looking for additional and inside information about you, your family, kids, home, and private life.

Where is the healthy line between too much and enough?

If your life is an open book to the whole world, that can bring serious danger to your life. Yes, I’m talking about the thousands of community sites.

What are they for? This sites are very good for keeping contact with old friends, find them, and talk to them – not in public messages – and put information about events, programs, even good for sharing nice, clever thoughts, sharing wonderful pictures from the world, but that is that’s most what they can be for.

I know people are proud of their life, children, travels, and everything that makes them better, or they think makes them better, but this kind of communication should not be the channel to give and share personal information. Privacy means me and my close family and friends, but definitely not the entire world and beyond.


Because it could be dangerous, it could be boring, it could be insulting, it could touch your private sector shared by somebody else, who thinks it’s funny to publish a picture where you were with your ex or you were 14 or anything like that.


to see everyday how nice I am, how lucky I am, where I am, what I’m doing, where I’m going and with whom, how my beautiful daughter or son is growing, what my favorite color is, how I feel today, or who is my new girl/boyfriend.
Who cares? Really? One of my long-time friends used to put photos of guns. Can you imagine that? And he posts about hunting, which is so terrible for someone like me who hates violence and killing animals. Why is that necessary? What is this? Pressure? Our urge to do this? Why do we need this?

I know people who are living on a site, every day from morning to evening. Where is their private life: their work, family and friends? They’re friends with everybody online, but nobody in real life. Their life that is very public does not exist anyway. And the time, if we just look at the time factor, which is the most relevant and most expensive treasure in our life, how much time do we spend to write comments, post photos, and to share news continuously? Those people are time millionaires, and they don’t have time for anything else. Life is running out for them, and in the end, they do not even realize that was it. But the worst thing is, the possible danger that they might cause for themselves and to others.


I cannot stress enough how dangerous sharing that much information is. It’s horrifying to give every data about our kids, put photos all the time, give places, dates and habits, which are the easiest ways to find you and your family. This information is giving leads for criminals to actually do what they want. Pictures from your home, with all the details because of course, we are proud of what we have, we have to show to the world what we worked hard for. My favorite is when they put dates when they are in holiday, how long, and where. It’s like they already gave the key and the alarm code to the robber. Madness.

And the last fact, police and tax authority can always use this information also and they can ask you about details of whatever happens.


Sharing photos and tagging me without permission! Who asked that? Did anyone ask me before put it on a public site? No, and what if I don’t want to see that picture, because my hair was not perfect? Nobody cares.

Better to think before we commit any of these things that can lead to our harm, and living our life not in the outside world but much more in our inside world. I know it’s not fashionable today, but maybe it’s worth a try.

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