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Trendy Hats for Summer

Why not to choose the baseball cap

Trendy Hats for Summer

In my point of view, all women should wear wonderful hats, not only for summer time but every time she dresses up, but unfortunately, wearing a hat is not that popular now than it was in the past few centuries. A nice exception is England, the lovely England, where women can wear their hats still, because I am sure if somebody wants a hat on her head then she must wear it! To know how to wear it, that is the most important thing.

But okay, summer is not definitely about that. When the sun is hot and burning us, we need to protect our head, hair, and face from the rays. How can we do that? What kind of form is our favorite? And do we tolerate at all if something is in our head in summertime?


  • Hats can protect us from harmful sun rays
  • Protect our head – we don’t get sunstroke
  • Protect our hair – won’t get burned and fade the color
  • Protect our face – won’t get sunburn

What for and what kind of expectations we have on summer hats

  • Must be loose, thin, woven material
  • Good if it’s bright colored
  • Not close or too tight
  • Feels airy when we wear it
  • Has a kind of shield to protect our face too
  • Feeling comfortable
  • Protect us from sun and heat
  • Looks good, matches your personality and your face


  • Summery colored linen hats are very trendy
  • Different shapes and colors of straw hats, with colorful ribs around for men and women, we can change the ribs based on our clothes
  • Easy linen kerchief around the head which protects the shoulders too
  • And baseball cap – this is a very trendy piece of hat; there are many kinds of shape – full cup and bicycle cup – and different colors too.

Side effects of baseball cap

But in this case we can talk about much more, like trend then protection. Don’t get me wrong, it’s protecting also, because it has a nice front, which covers the face, but the system is too hot for the head in summertime. It’s too tight and too close the head won’t get any air, and the hair is getting stuffy under the cap. In those places where it’s tight abrades the scalp, which might cause hair loss.

Too much wearing of the baseball cap is not healthy for the hair’s scalp.


For kids, we have to keep an eye on the same details, but we have to add how we’ll make it stay on the kid’s head. It is very important to keep the hat on the kid’s head, and most of the time the little ones hate the binding under their chin, so we can look for something that stands on their head but not too tight as well. Like a fishing hat –a good shape, protects the face and the neck, and does not always fly away from the kid’s head. It’s easy to handle for them also.

Using a kerchief in every kind of color, in every kind of shape, is how we can tie it up the kid’s head, the only disadvantage is that it does not cover and protect the face and the eyes.

And for those who can’t wear a hat or a cap or anything at all, we are changing so there might come a day when we fall in love with a beautiful hat, and we give up our old habits and start to learn to wear a hat even in wintertime.

Tip: It’s fun to go to the hat shop – a big one with every kind of hat – and try them all!!! Especially for women!!!


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