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What about coffee and wine during pregnancy?

What about coffee and wine during pregnancy?

Almost at the same time, when we found out for sure that we were pregnant, we got a list of forbidden things, which starts with coffee and wine. Where is the line between facts and myth?

Is there any basis for these beliefs? Is moderation enough to avoid possible problems or we need to be drastic?

Facts and researches about caffeine

The Canadian studies found a connection between the slow fetal development and excessive coffee consumption, but they did not prove effectively to early premature and low birth weight. The North-Carolina University made a research in 1995, which also did not support that having coffee affects the early premature stage.

In the USA, the Food and Drug Authority called out pregnant women’s attention about drinking less coffee or not at all, because the excessive caffeine consumption can cause early premature and low birth weight. But the principal culprit was cigarette smoking.

Another fact: during breastfeeding, caffeine can cause restlessness to the baby, which is not good for expecting mothers as well, because they can’t sleep and does not even know why they are so bothered.

Does it depend on how much coffee we have?

If during the pregnancy, the mother drinks 4 or more cups of coffee per a day, it’s too much, and that can cause serious damages in the embryo. But during the pregnancy – and even before and after - don’t go over the limit. Live life with moderation and with responsibility.


They used to say one glass of wine could be even good for the embryo.

But a new research, which is made with the help of MRI, said that alcohol could cause serious damages in the baby, both mentally and physically. Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) proved that those embryos whose mothers were drinking alcohol during the pregnancy could be born with mental and physical problems. This number is from 1,000 births is 0.2-1.5 cases. The most affected area is the Corpus callosum, which is one thick bundle of nerve fibers that is responsible for the main communication connection between the right and left hemispheres. They proved that those babies whose mother had alcohol, this Corpus callosum was very thin or does not exist at all.

After all of this information, is there any mother who would risk her baby’s health?

I don’t think so. But it’s also true, that there were millions of mothers before us who had morning coffee and maybe some wine sometimes and their baby was totally healthy and perfect. But the WHAT IFS are always there, and I think if we know all the risks, we won’t do anything that can possibly hurt our unborn child.

We are only talking about 9 months and a few months of breastfeeding. What happens if we don’t have coffee and wine during that time period? Nothing, we can survive, we just made sure we did everything to be sure that our baby is going to be healthy.

Anyway, think it over, make your decisions and never forget your baby is your responsibility

and that baby wants to be healthy and wants to come in this world in perfect condition, he/she will want to live a long and full life. Help them achieve that and assure them of the most basic: HEALTH. Give them the best starting conditions.

It may seem like it’s not much, but believe me, it could be everything.


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