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10 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

10 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

Many people dread the winter because it can be so cold and dreary. However, there are some wintertime activities that you can do that is full of fun. It may be a little cold outside but these activities are surely going to put a smile on the kids’ faces.

I must admit, winter can be pretty cold and I often find myself thinking about fun activities that we can do indoors. However, there are some days when my kids have just had enough of being cooped up inside and they run to the nearest exit pleading to go outside. Actually, my kids really get amped up and they almost explode when there’s snow on the ground because they are so excited to get out there to play in all of that white stuff. So, we put on our heavy coats, hats, boots, scarves, gloves and everything else to winterize ourselves - and we head outdoors.

Since having kids, I’ve learned to like the winter more because they are so creative with the fun activities that they come up with. Here are 10 of our favorite outdoor winter activities:

Fort building

This is probably my favorite outdoor winter activity. Instead of building a snowman, your kids could build a fort out of the snow. You’re going to be amazed at how creative the forts get. And they can get pretty big so don’t be surprised when the kids ask you to come inside. My kids and I have a blast with this. My little girl makes hers into a snow castle though, because her brother’s fort isn’t princess enough for her.

Hot cocoa give-away

You know how you have your lemonade stand during the summer? Well try having a cocoa stand in the winter. You and the kids can make all different variations of cocoa including dark chocolate, peppermint, white chocolate and all of your other favorites. And don’t forget the marshmallows and whipped cream. Set up your table in the front yard and offer hot cocoa to all of the neighborhood children as they play outside on the beautiful snowy day. They’ll be so grateful and you’ll have a great time doing it.


This is an old favorite. Grab a sled if you have one, or a box or garbage can lid will do if you don’t, and head on out to the nearest hill. Climb to the top, hop onto your sled, and get ready to have a ton of fun. Time will pass quickly and you’ll barely notice the cold as you’re slipping and sliding down the hill with the kids.


This is another super fun one. Who says that campfires are only for summer nights? Make a backyard fire pit and get to enjoy some of that hot cocoa around the campfire. And don’t forget the s’mores!

Snow angels

Snow angels never get old. Be sure to wrap yourself up warmly and then go outside and lay on the ground with the kids. On the count of three, begin to move your arms and legs up and down for a few seconds. Then when you get up you’ll see that you’ve created an angel silhouette in the snow.

Picture drawing

Grab some food coloring and go outside and make a picture in the snow. You can make a family snow collage or everyone can make their individual pictures. Whichever you decide, get ready for the artist in you to come alive.

Snowman challenge

It’s every family for themselves. This is a great opportunity to connect with the neighbors. Have a snowman challenge and have each family on the block make their very own snowman. The kids will have fun finding items to decorate their snowman with as they create their display. And the neighborhood families will have an opportunity to have a little fellowship time together.

Snow “ball”

My kids love sports and we don’t let a little snow stop us from having fun. Grab a bright colored ball and go outside to have a game of snow “ball.” It can be football, soccer, kick ball, basketball, or whatever “ball” game that you choose. The idea is to have fun playing ball in the snow.

Winter hiking

Most people think of hiking as a summer activity but it can be just as fun in the winter. My kids and I often go to trails and follow the animal tracks. Of course, you want to be safe about this but I find that the kids are tickled to see that there are animals out there enjoying the snow as much as they are. We also collect interesting items that we find along the trail to commemorate the experience.

Scavenger hunt

Your kids might also really enjoy the scavenger hunt. Hide things in the snow and then send your kids out to find the hidden treasures. They will have a blast as they uncover all of the fabulous treasures that you have hidden for them throughout your yard.

Winter can be a bit cold but with some creativity, even outdoor activities can be a lot of fun.

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