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10-Minutes Play Before Kindergarten or School

10-Minutes Play Before Kindergarten or School

Every family has its own routine, just like every baby and kid has a different habit, but one thing is the same: they all need a stable background and a frame for their life. Even for adults, they need a nice and peaceful morning to start their day.

It goes without saying, when our children is at home with us, we are taking care of them all day, playing, walking, and having fun. But when they start to go to kindergarten or a school, everything will change. You have to get up early, dress up, and prepare them to go, but they still need our connection and some activities to feel that the world has not turned completely upside-down and they have the possibility to still spend time with the parents. Sometimes it's not a question of amount of time, but rather the quality of the time spent.

Even 10 minutes before going out of the home would make them balanced and happy.

If our kid is an early bird, we’ve got plenty of time to play, and to arrive on the exact time to the kindergarten is not necessary. But when they start going to school, timetable is going to change and morning games will change too. Let's see what we can play before kindergarten and before school.

Games before kindergarten in 10 minutes together

  • A mini puzzle
  • Building blocks
  • Drawing the funny face of the day
  • Draw a face with our mood for that morning
  • Dressed up a doll for the weather of the day and for the season
  • Make breakfast together
  • Play one or two rounds of Peter Black or other simple game of cards
  • Read one short story
  • Learn a new song
  • Talk about anything they bring up
  • A homemade Sudoku is very fun

Before school

It's definitely less time for play, but if we are clever, we can make every morning funny and playful, and just have to find a way, and sneak the games between the duties.

  • Wake up with a spider, running all over the body – it is smooth and ticklish, helping them to wake up slowly and peacefully and ending up with a big laugh on the end
  • Make breakfast together and play with the cereal or the shape of the food
  • Draw a smiley face on the mirror while brushing teeth
  • Walk to school together and count the different kinds of birds
  • Collect leaves and twigs
  • Play conundrum
  • Prepare his daily snack together
  • And when they are bigger, it's always good to talk with them before they leave

Basically, it almost does not matter what you play, what's important is you do it with all of your attention and care, put yourself if your child's shoes and see which way they want to go that morning, follow their mood and reactions, and turn it to a great morning.

This helps to start the day with a positive attitude.

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