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10 steps to plan Xmas gifting with your Kids

10 steps to plan  Xmas gifting with your Kids

Younger kids are still making home-made stuff, but after 10 this could change, and they would rather buy gifts. When they decide to do so, try to make them buy books, or ask them to create CDs with music they like, or encourage them to write poems.

1. Make a list with them

You should start Xmas gifting preparation at least 6 weeks before Xmas. Make a list with them. You should focus on close relatives and very close friends. Also focus on the main teachers from the school. Most probably you will buy the gifts for the teachers, but it is good if he or she knows about it.

2. Collect craftwork during the year

In kindergartens and elementary schools they make different craftwork during the year. Instead of throwing them into the garbage, collect these together, wrap them nicely with the child and here you have a gift.

3. Know your child's capacity

What is the age of your child? What can she or he do? Can she draw or paint, or glue? Do not invent something that you're going to finish yourself, sitting alone with it all the evening.

4. A Gift made by a child should not be perfect

That is the whole point, it should be made by him or her. Let them just enjoy the preparation.

5. Make something which will last

A drawing is not necessarily worth keeping just because the grandchild did it, particularly when they do many of them every day. Create an idea which is worth keeping. A decorated picture of the child, a small tool for the household, some kind of food gift…

6. Make the same for everybody

You can do all different gifts, but also you can make 2-3 different ones, so it makes preparation easier.

7. Let him or her decide what to do

Print different ideas, browse on the internet with the child, and let him or her choose. But never give too many choice. Propose 3 different ones to select from.

8. Shop for the things you need

Always shop together for Xmas gifting. Pick up a date when you only shop for the gifts. Focus 100% on that task, nothing else.

9. Pick the preparation date

Pick a date and a time when you will only do the gifting with him or her. Switch off your phone, focus on the child. And believe me this will be one of his or her best memories.

10. Don’t fight

We tend to be perfectionist and complain if the child does something wrong. Believe me she or he will do things differently from the instructions; maybe even the result will be different. But let him or her. This is his or her product. Just enjoy the preparation and bring out the best. And never fix the gift after he or she has gone to bed, without informing or asking the child if she or he wants you to do so.

There are few moments in our life when we remember from our childhood. And the best are the things we did with our parents. Do not miss creating those with your child and for your child!


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