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10 useful gifts to bring to a baby shower

10 useful gifts to bring to a baby shower

Shower party nowadays is a very trendy type of party, organized by the future mom. Inviting close friends, having a kind of gifting party with a little food and drinks, and to get the most important first things for motherhood. It also could be good for exchanging experiences with other moms, and asking for advices from friends with kids.

A few friends can share a big gift, or they could bring one individually. What we definitely need to do is ask the mother what she needs or what’s lacking. Then we can build a team where each member will contribute money to buy something big, like a baby crib, baby carriage, or baby carrier.

  • We can ask a list from the mother – just like a wedding gift list
  • We can buy a shopping gift card in the best baby supplies center

Because it’s far too shameful if we buy useless and two similar things, be clever and effective, the mother will be very happy and grateful.

But here is the list just in case all those things mentioned above do not work out, but this list also needs to be shared between the guests, just to make sure there will be no similar gifts or useful piece in their pocket.

So here are my tips:

  1. Nappy, and a lot – you can never have enough
  2. Sleeping pads during the pregnancy, especially for the last trimester when the expecting mother has gained a lot of weight and can’t find a good position to sleep
  3. Seat belt adjuster – to not hurt the stomach while driving
  4. Baby bodysuit– also never enough
  5. Bath towel
  6. Nappy dustbin
  7. Sleeping bags – many different kinds of beautiful ones
  8. Baby monitor
  9. Diaper bag
  10. Disinfectant set for the nursing bottle

More useful tips:

  • Soporific spinning and musical toy
  • Baby bath
  • Bio purity package
  • Funny Statement shirts with phrases like “This girl is going to be a Mommy” or “Baby be mine” printed on them. (these are just funny ones so I suggest these only as a second gift...)
  • Nice maternity cloth
  • Belly band (for the mother)

And basically everything that the mother asks for, the main thing is to be coordinated, don’t try to go for personal command and buy things just like that, because that could be uncomfortable when you give the 5th pacifier or the 3rd teddy bear.

Be a clever host and be a useful guest - that could be a motto of the future shower parties, because sometimes we are the host and other times we are guests. Imagine what it would be like if you were the host, then I am sure you will think of the possible gift options then you would buy it for yourself. It is easier if you have been pregnant before, then you know exactly what the good and useful gifts are.


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