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5 basics to educate children to be tidy

5 basics to educate children to be tidy

To teach our children to create and keep order around them is crucial. Do you have an issue with your own husband? Is he so messy that you need to organise and clean all the time? When I wonder why my husband is this way, I admit I blame his education - not him. It's our duty as parents to get our children on the right track, and for that we need to follow five basic rules every single day.

Leading examples

As always in education you need to do what you expect your children to do. So if you would like them to take care of their surroundings, you need to do the same. Not just you but also your partner. If your house is messy and your day is disorganised, they will not listen to you. Children use all their senses to learn. And mainly they learn by example.


Keeping order and having an organised life is all about routines: small things which we do every day. When we wake up we make our bed. Not just because it looks good, but it makes our life easier. If we do the small cleaning and tidying every day, we do not ever have a big mess. There are a couple of very easy routines you can add even to young kid's lives. When they are small you do them together. Even if they can’t do anything, as they grow, step by step they will join.

- Make the bed every morning

- Organise clothes every evening

- Every time you play with something, you put the toy back its place

- Vacuum the room every third day

- Reorganise and clean the room once a week

- Organise clothes once a week

- Make a board to show the daily and weekly routine.


Regularity means whatever happens, wherever you are, these routines should be kept. There should be some basics even on holiday. My mom used to say, when you have these regular routines then your daily life will be much easier

Everything has its place

To be able to be organised with a clean house, everything has to have its place. Your child needs to know what is where. Boxes, bags, small cupboards are great. Organise toys by type. Teach them the places where things are stored.


You could create a board for recognising when they have been tidy. You need to make them happy about their achievement step by step.

And the bonus

Widen their responsibility. When they get bigger, give them tasks which don’t just focus on themselves and their surroundings; they can start to support you on other family tasks. Taking the trash out regularly or washing the sink - keep those as their own tasks.

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