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5 benefits of reading an evening tale to your children

5 benefits of reading an evening tale to your children

I did not just hear this from friends but sadly heard from and proved by the Americans and Brits that parents don’t read or tell an evening tale to their kids in the evening. A USA-based research said only 13% of the parents read or tell an evening tale, while UK statistic said one third of parents never tell an evening tale, this wonderful gift, to their children.

Why? There is no time for that? They are too tired in the evening? Easier to turn the DVD on and play the kids’ favorite cartoon?

But is also a fact that bedtime stories are very important in our kid’s life, in an intellectual and emotional level. What do the tales exactly give to our children? Why is the fantasy world so important for them? Why is it important to spend 20-30 minutes every evening for telling them a bedtime story?

1. Developing the children’s personality

First of all, when we practice the evening routine like having nice family dinner together, kids take a bath, playtime with them and talking with them, then finally closing this with a nice evening tale is a perfect end for a day, where nobody is running anywhere, and everything is calm and peaceful.
Tales teach the kids to pay attention to the story, they need to follow the story and this mechanism will affect their comprehension and their vocabulary. The rich vocabulary will help them develop and shape their own personality.

There are many tales that improve the kid’s emotional skills, teach them real values and develops their own value-measuring skills compared to fundamental human values. By making them imagine different situations, you also teach them how to adapt to new situations, face conflicts, decision-making, and differenting the good from the bad. They will get a lesson at the end of the tale, which is a shared experience for them and they can learn from it.

2. Increasing their fantasies and imagination skills

The biggest advantage of the bedtime stories is that kids get to process the tale, instead of receiving it with no effort from the TV. They can build up and use their own world, they are able to create their inner pictures and with this, they are developing creativity. They’re thinking will be much more flexible, this helps them in problem solving. Those kids who are listening to tales from their parents are having a quick picture creation mentally, understanding, and most of the time, they continue the tale in their minds using their imagination, just like a writer. Unlike TV that gives ready pictures, they don’t need to create, fantasize or use their creativity. Lots of kids get worried and aggressive while watching television.

3. Helping them get ready to school

It’s best is if you can tell a tale from your head, because you can see his reactions, you can see if they really like something or not, or they don’t understand something or maybe they are afraid of something. But if you feel very tired, you can read from a book, that is also very good and gives the same advantages as making it up from your mind. These kids will know the books better, and they will learn to read easier in school.

4. Developing communication skills

Hearing different kinds of tales with different topics, not only develops the vocabulary of the kid but forms their communication skills, making it more sophisticated and elegant.

By reading them classical tales, the developing of mistakes that are usual in this era of electronic communication can be decreased. It’s easier to learn proper conjugation and using adverbs when it’s not really learning but they hear them every day in story form.

If parents read to the kids in the evenings, they playfully help expand their vocabulary. The ornate speech and usage of adjectives, just enlightens the kids’ minds and improves their speaking. With this knowledge, they can easily talk about their internal and external world.

5. Being educated or cultured

Although tales are just tales, they can help children gain information that they couldn’t get anywhere else at that time.

Animals, places, or history is more interesting in the context of a tale than learned in school later.

All these information build a base for your kid that cannot be taken away from him.

Just like Albert Einstein said: “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them tales. And if you want them to be more intelligent, read them more tales”.

More Benefits

  • Developing parents-children relationship
  • Giving a wonderful calm experience before sleeping
  • Concentration
  • Giving an open-minded view.
  • Learning from the heroes
  • Leaning the basic ancient archetypes

So, it looks like that those few minutes can help a lot, and can give so much to our kids. Why don’t we do it?


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