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6 Creative DIY Christmas Gift Ideas that Children Can Make

6 Creative DIY Christmas Gift Ideas that Children Can Make

There are few things more heartwarming than a Christmas gift made by your child to give to Grandma, Auntie, and other family members. Here are six ideas that your kids can use to create do-it-yourself crafts that they can give as Christmas gifts.

Do-it-yourself gifts are a tradition in our family. To me, the handmade gifts are even better than the store-bought ones. So every year, in addition to purchasing gifts, my children and I also hand make a few gift items for some very special people. Here are a few of the gifts that my kids make for family members. They are so easy that the kids can do most of it on their own yet so beautiful that the recipients are excited to make use of them.

Christmas Baskets

We grab a couple of baskets, some colorful cellophane wrap, and beautiful gigantic bows to create our Christmas baskets. The baskets are filled with jams, cheese, chocolates, nuts, cocoa packets, and of course, our very own freshly baked cookies. We usually throw a gift card or two in there as well. This oversized basket stuffed with goodies is almost always received very well.

Decorative pillows

This is one of my favorite DIY gift ideas. We grab a couple of accent pillows to use for this project. We then take some fabric paint and draw designs on the pillow. I encourage the kids to be quite creative with their designs and they usually come out pretty nice. The recipient can then keep the pillows as keepsakes or use the pillows to spruce up their living area. An alternative to this gift is to decorate a pillowcase.

Framed “artwork” or a book

Children love to draw, especially younger ones. So what better gift than one that showcases their talent. Have your children draw a picture on thick high quality drawing paper. Make sure the art is nice and colorful. Then laminate the picture and put it into a nice frame. The frame doesn’t have to be expensive but it does need to be nice. Remember, the nicer the frame, the nicer the finished product. And for older kids, try having them write a short “book” or create a comic book that you can have self-published to give away as gifts.


Do you ever see those jewelry making kits in the stores? I see them all around and one day I thought, what if my little girl and I made these as DIY gifts? Well, they came out pretty nice and we wrapped them up and gave them away as presents. They were a hit and now some family members expect one each year to add to their collection.

Stuffed animals

Creating a stuffed animal is another fun project. You and the kids could head over to Build-a-Bear or you could even grab one of those little build-a-bear kits that were designed to be used at home. Creating a cuddly bear for Grandma is bound to be a hit.

Picture DVD slideshow

Another favorite thing that we like to do is to create a digital slideshow of photos that were taken over the course of the year. You can then have the slideshow burned into a DVD so that out-of-town family can see your big and fun moments over the year. This one is always a hit.

There are so many fun DIY Christmas gift ideas that you can use to create custom gifts for others. This list is just for starters. With a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, your DIY Christmas gifts will be a hit!

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