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Behind the pasta mountain and the tomato soup river

Kid's seasonal preferences

Behind the pasta mountain and the tomato soup river

We all know that feeling when our loving child just refuses the food that we made for them with care and our best attention; when you put it down on the table in front of them, and they just say: NO. There is no explanation why, they don’t even taste it or try it, just simply no. We stand there while blood is running over our face because in that week, that was already the third time we tried to feed them something that’s not “the usual,” which they’ve been having all week.

Behind the scenes

Most of the babies are very good eaters until 1-2 years of age. But suddenly, something happens and it’s like a cut, this stable status is gone. They start to select and neglect food until finally, you get the point by the time they’re age 4-5 that they won’t have anything else other than one or two of their favorite foods. But how long will they do this? And why?

There are many reasons behind this behavior

  • Their own taste coming to life
  • Teething causes a lot of pain
  • Trying to gain independence from the mom
  • They can choose because they are “big” now
  • The rhythm of their growth is finishing around age 2, then they grow slower and they don’t need that much food as before
  • Their appetite is reduced
  • There are much more interesting things coming to their life than eating
  • Eating is not the most important thing anymore
  • Their personal taste develop

The nutrition experts says

Don’t panic if your kid is having only one or two types of food in one time period. You can see the reasons above. They will give up soon. But never give up trying to make them taste different kinds of food. Always be an example. Kids need to see their parents. They can learn examples not from parables.

  • Kids prefer sweet tastes and refuse sour tastes - this is normal and goes back to the ancient times, when sweet meant energy source and life, and sour meant poison and death. Therefore, most of the kids do not like the taste of green vegetables and green food. Unfortunately, if they don’t taste it during childhood, then chances are greater that they won’t eat it later, and this is not too good.
  • Don’t substitute with sweets! Try with a little withdrawal, but only a little, because if something is forbidden, we all know, they would want it even more, and they will start to eat in secret.
  • Pay attention to neophobic attitude, as it’s so typical in childhood. They are afraid of everything new - that is normal. It will go away, but we need to ask them to try, just one piece, then they can decide if they like it or not.
  • Eat together as much as possible, it builds their appetite if there’s a lot of good and different dishes on the table, never forget eating together is always better than eating alone. Show them how good it is if you taste different things together.

And never forget the fact that they know what they need, trust them also, watch them but be conscious all the time.

You are the adult, the parent, our children’s health is in our hands, and it is our responsibility to make sure they get what they need to bring out their full potential.


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