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Celebration for nothing

Celebration for nothing

This title reflects our life in this century. Is it sad? Is it good? I don’t know, I don’t even want to make a judgment, but if this image about our life is affecting my kids’ life, I will definitely write a few words about it.

Nowadays, a celebrated person could be anybody, unfortunately.

Those people who never put anything on the table, only have a good PR agent or a fake smile and that is enough to be a celebrity.
The value of things and people is very low, we have everything ready-made, and therefore we don’t see the value of things. Material things just fall onto our laps, somebody else somewhere puts his energy and his knowledge into that thing but we just use it and later, when we don’t need it anymore, we throw it away.

Fundamentally, that’s what we do with people as well, and that is very sad and it’s a food for thought. Because these celebs come and go quickly, as the media world play with them in any way they like. Somehow, I could feel sorrow for them, because they’re like little butterflies who want to run into the light, it is new and it is attractive, and then it burns themselves to death because nobody tells them it’s fire and you’ll die if you come too close.

And we are in this flow, just not able to follow the new “stars” and famous celebs, because they rise and fall so quickly, and it’s because there is no real value behind them. They are only dolls in the media’s hands and if the media change their minds, they have to go for the next monkey coming.

What if my child favors one of these fallen stars?

When you see this all around you and one day your child comes to you with a picture of this celeb, what can you say? Especially, when you know this “star” is empty as a balloon and your beloved child just see the media making tricks and saying that the celebrity is fake, and your child will definitely be disappointed.

  • First of all, it’s better to clearly define the “fame” word, who is famous, and why. We can explain to them that if somebody is on the tabloid headlines everyday because he/she is wearing a new dress or shopping or other very interesting things like these, it does not mean that person is famous. What is fame? The value behind that person is what the person did to be outstanding in one field, like he/she is a fabulous writer, singer, musician, actor, actress, doctor, explorer, or athlete. Those are just a few of course. These people made something unforgettable, something prominent. What makes them famous, really famous, is not what the media said but what they did by themselves, by the knowledge that they are better than the others. They are special because of that, and that is why we celebrate them.
  • Try to make the differences visible between celebs and real valued persons.
  • Don’t be scornful about that celeb that your kids divinize, which is not going anywhere and you just oppose immediately. Be polite, help them to tell differences between the two, let them realize the concept of value.
  • Let them think about it
  • Talk with them about your famous favorites, tell them why you like them, what do they do, etc.
  • Show an example
  • Let them argue in favor of their position.
  • And if they can convince you about their choice, don’t be too proud and wayward to force your point. That would be a failure.

I remember that when I was a teen, my father always complained about my musician choice, and always talked about them disapprovingly. Of course, he never explained why he did not like them, he just didn’t. For me, that was like a defiance, because he never defended his review, he never gave me an example of who he liked or why. And he only made me very angry and I listened to the band directly in front of him to annoy him. This is not going anywhere and only makes teens defiant, and I still remember this, and this is not a good memory.

Share your knowledge and life experience to your kids. We are older, we see the world with a wider view, and they need our advice.

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