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Children under pressure

Hyper kids in the city

Children under pressure

Our world is running fast, we are running fast and our children have to follow this rhythm if they want to survive in this planet. But what is the price for that? And is there any chance to save our children from the quick burnout and the stress caused by a thousand kinds of mental and physical problems?

I believe, yes. If the cradle, the home, is stable and calm, that would be the origin where they can go back, where they can always turn when they are in “trouble.”

But if that background is missing, they will totally lose control and there won’t be a place or a person who they can turn to with their problems. And later when they learn to turn to their temple – body, soul - to make them calm down, they won’t have any kind of problem with the outside world hustling and running. But until that, we parents need to assure them we are there for them and their home will always be a place where they can hide and collect new energy for the next day.

An average kid has been affected by thousands of different stimuli in a normal day and more than half of it is unnecessary.

Commercials everywhere, noises all around coming from music, teachers, and friends. They have to sit 5 or 6 times for 45 minutes at school; sit and concentrate without a move – the lucky ones with liberated parents are going to the alternative schools where this “not moving” rule is not a requirement. But the rest of the kids are already anxious for that entire 45-minute period, which is the reason why they are going “crazy” during breaks, because they need to put out that stress accumulated in them.

Can you imagine after the day how many stress points were collected in the kid?

And shamefully, today, when the teachers and parents can’t see any option but to take the kid to the psychologist who will label them as hyper kids or kids with confused behavior.

But they are not.

They only need to release their stress and reduce their extra energies. Kids are not ready for that. We need to teach them and let them run, move, dance, shout, or whatever that is helping them.

How can we help?

  • Parents need to be calm and relaxed
  • First of all, we need to clearly see the situation, to know about his day and his habits
  • Give them what they need to calm down. If they need a hug and are silent, then hold them and assure them you are there for them
  • If they’re aggressive: find the sport or an activity that gives them a chance to let out the stress
  • If they can’t fall asleep, a nice calm dinner, relaxing bath, evening tale, and evening talk can help
  • Let them talk out their feelings and problems
  • If it’s necessary, try to change school, teacher, or lifestyle
  • Make them sure you are there for them, they can come to you with their feelings
  • Find a stress release technique
  • Teach them to realize when they are getting stressed, what those situations are, what stress they are reacting to. Teach them to avoid those situations or if you are not able to do this, ask an expert.

There is no exact age for them to learn, this is different with every single kid and honestly, it depends on the parents. Most of the time, the parents’ stress reflects in the children’s behavior. Then the parents need to think over where the problem is coming from, what is that aspect in their life that they can’t handle.

Problems might come up later because the stress factor was not healed earlier, such as:

  • Instable personality
  • Learning problems
  • Sleeping problems
  • Anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Depression

But don’t wait for them to come up, do something now. If your kids are having the same attitudes or behaviors, be aware of your kids’ lives, feelings, and habits. Help if it is necessary by any means, there are a lot of ways. We parents only need to find the right one.


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