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Choosing Sport for Children

Choosing Sport for Children

When to start sport with children? What type of sport for what age? And what type of child?

Regular physical training is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Sport is effecting our physical and mental health, and also very important in our educational rule and if you can do it together it creates a program for the hole family.

Is quite advisable to begin a healthy lifestyle in early childhood, because if it is already natural and regular there, then it will become part of the child’s life easily later. Choosing the right sport for a child requires a high attention from the parents.

We can start with lightweight, non-strenuous physical activities at the very early ages, but the intense, competitive sports can wait.

The very intense forms of exercise may adversely affect our child healthy development in a way of physical or musculo-skeletal.

The most important aspect is not to force our child to do any sport, let them enjoy and love what they do. It could be a possibility to let them try more sports, and after let them to decide about the right one.

What kind of sports we can choose?

Generally we can say that those exercises what develop their endurance or improves stamina, stimulate blood circulation and respiration. Such as swimming, canoeing, cycling, running, long distance walking and a combination of these. Especially for those kids who needs more exercise than the others.

  • Swimming is an activities for any age. Even baby-swimming, which is can be start from the first few months, and effect positively to their immune system’s, resistance increase, improves their movement coordination and they get well in the water.

Regular swimming training usually can start at the age of 5-6, when the child has understood the instructions. Swimming is on of the most preferred form of exercise, effectively corrects the incorrect posture, spinal, improves endurance and the possibility of injury is minimal.

And later in all water-sport basic requirement is that the child can safely swim, kayak and canoe are those sport when the first and most important thing is the swimming knowledge.

  • Cycling also improves stamina. 5-6 years of age, the kids developed sense of balance enough to ride a bike safely. In this days and ages they can ride a bike safely – of course in traffic protected area.
  • Ball games like – volleyball, basketball, handball – helping to develop skill, improve coordination and ability to concentrate. After the age of 10basketball and volleyball in addition to skill development, increase physical stamina as well, but you can already start them with age of 6-7. These are team sport, so resulting injury may occur, precisely due to a form of social game, play a significant role in the socialization. Volleyball takes advantage of the less stamina; develops and corrects a child's sense of balance.
  • Combat sports – wrestling, karate and judo – in addition to enhancing the physical fitness, raising the children to self-discipline and training the concentration and reaction skills. 6-8 years of age when the child is allowed to start this type of sports, but always make clear that the child must know how is that sport going and that if the kid really want to try these sports.
  • Horse riding – this sport is giving a freedom in a nature, also can provide a fantastic experience for our children. It strengthens the abdominal, back and thigh muscles. Kids love animals, they can learn about care and responsibility. The horse riding therapy method used as a treatment of disabled children is also a very good result. Unfortunately this sport is quite expensive, not every family can afford it. Also be careful to start not before age of 6-7.

Every other outdoor sports like – hiking, rollerblading, skateboarding, skiing are useful to preserve our health, and also a great family pastime.

What kind of exercise are recommended for children of different ages?

  • In a nursery and kindergarten, children are described as a playful exercises and quizzes.
  • For the small school children the best form of exercise is that what is strengthens the body like swimming and gymnastics.
  • At the age of 8-9 skill tasks come to the fore, which are developing the coordination, the sense of balance and the detection, increasing the stamina and self-discipline. The team games are developing problem-solving skills and promote the socialization of the children.
  • After 9 years is good to improve the physical fitness training – like: cycling, running or long distance walking. From this age kids can start of professional sports competition.

Which direction is fitting with different personalities kids?

Parents taking a huge responsibility about what sport they offer, or what is that what the child wants. Therefore it is very important to know well our children and choose sport for the kid mentality. Because that is the time when kids will decide about they will love or hate sports. And if the experiences are bad, it might effect the kids connection to the sports for a life, and that kid with a bad taste in his mouth will never do sports again.

  • For shy and withdrawn children team sports are recommended, where they have to work in a team, and then they don’t even realize and the game is developing their skills of social relationships.
  • For high mobility and restless kids all the individual sports are recommended, among them the types of endurance exercise training, such as swimming and cycling.
  • The calmer kids should try games like ping-pong or badminton.
  • For children with bigger temper the idyllic sports where they can shout, run around, the excess energy can be derived, for example: running, martial arts, where the discipline can practiced.

If your child is struggling with health problems

  • Any kind of physical activity can cause asthma attack for the asthmatic children. However asthmatic children also need exercises for their essential healthy physical and mental development and the development of healthy social relationships.

The aero types of sports are not recommended, like: cycling, football, running, basketball and handball. Instead of these more swimming, maybe sprinting could be good. However, any form of sport is chosen; ask the doctor’s opinion before start.

  • Another disease what is often occurs among the school children is the – scoliosis. The best recommended sport is the swimming for that, but only when they practicing all type of swimming. The treatment of scoliosis is strengthening the back muscles, need a special physiotherapy practice. For example horse riding is very good for that.

Overall, we can say that the sport is helping our physical and mental health as a part of the preservation of our daily lives.

Brings system to our everyday life, of all ages, provides an addiction-free community where children spend their free time safely.


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