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Easter Monday activities

Easter Monday activities

Easter Monday used to be the first day when we can plan outdoor activities with the whole family. Every one of us wishing to go out after long and cold winter days we spent too much time between four walls, we played all the games at home, we read all the books, and watched all the moves. It is time to go out and feel the breeze of spring. Who does not know how great it feels to smell spring?

This year, Easter is dated quite early, 6th of April. If we are lucky, the weather would be nice and sunny but definitely not cold and boring. And if the weather is bad, dress up or take out your umbrellas.

The nature has been reborn; everything smells so fresh and clean. And we can feel this in our bones.

Kids, like tiny little ponies after a long and dark winter, wants to run free and rediscover nature. Let them out and help them feel their freedom and let them be closer to nature. Teach them what spring time is all about; what is happening now? Why do we celebrate now?

A few ideas might help you to decide where to go, what to do, and how to welcome spring:

  • Organize a lovely garden picnic: make a big pack, and put everything in it! Food: take all the boiled eggs, the ham, some fresh bread, a little wine, and fresh vegetables like radish and spring onion; you can also make some creams. If you don’t have a private garden, find the closes public garden and go there. Don’t forget a big blanket, outdoor games for the kids: football, frisbee, hang-glider, jumping rope, then just go and have fun. You can call friends too or you can be with only your closest family.
  • Barbeque party: the first in the year!
  • Organize a huge forest tour in the closest forest. Take food, drinks, and games with you and you can spend all the time outside with your family. Kids can run all day.
  • Visiting old castles in the countryside: it could also be an all-day program
  • Visiting a wildlife park
  • Visiting the Zoo – especially with the small one. Find the little zoo where all the little animals are, your kids can have fun with them, touching them, and feeding them.
  • Adventure parks are used to open by that time – check it before you go.
  • Visit the local amusement park
  • Family garden party: it's always a pleasure to be together with the grandparents, cousins, kids, and cats and dogs. Kids can help decorate the garden, to set the table outside, to make food together, play with the eggs, and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Bird watching: it's always fun. Spring time is very good for that, trees have less leaves than in summertime, kids can see more and different kinds of birds and hear their voices, then you can sit down with them and you can make drawings of your favorites, and to distinguish the birds singing is also fun.
  • Travel to the countryside.
  • Clean your bikes and organize the first bike tour of the year – don’t forget, the last summer was long time ago!
  • Cultural program: if your kids are bigger, they will love it if you find them an outdoor cultural program, where they can play outside and learn a bit also. Like a nice old city, or an old castle ruins.

Basically, these are simply things, but never forget that if you can be with them, and the spring is here and the sun is shining, then what else do you need? Smile. Take a deep breath of fresh air. Enjoy every moment, open your arms wide and hug the world.

Have a nice spring!!!


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