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First housekeeping assignments

First housekeeping assignments

My little one started to do small housekeeping chores in the age of 4. My bigger one is helping me regularly. I discovered that both have their own capability and I think the progress just came about like that, which you can follow as well.

Housekeeping and housecleaning could take more time with the children. Believe me, if you start early, when they will be over 10, they will help you so much that they actually save you time.

Age of 4

Dust cleaning. I give my child a special dust brush or a simple duster to clean the furnitures that he/she can reach. They will manage to do 5 to 10 minutes.

Pair socks. Reality is better than the tablet game. My daughter was doing socks pairing in one of her first tablet games, but then real socks pairing was more fun.

Age 4-5

Vacuumer. Yes they can start to vacuum. You can help them hold it, and they will love when the things will disappear.

Making their own bed. This can be a daily task. Sometimes, they will do it on their own.

Empty dishwasher. With a small help, they will do it. I emphasise you to do that with them. They need to learn to pay attention not to break anything

Washing machine. Loading and emptying the washing machine is really fun for them.

Age 5-6

Mirror and glass cleaning. Generally, they love to do that because the change is so significant.

Shoe waxing. There are less and less leather shoes for kids. But still, it is important to clean the shoes at least every other week. If you need to do it anyway, why don’t you ask them to join? It will be really fun when they will wear yours.

Gardening. If you have a terrace or garden. Taking care of the flowers and greens can be done together. Buy them a small brush and let them sweep.

Age 7 onwards

At this age, they can practically do any housekeeping jobs. Be sure that they will do them regularly. They can have their own area to clean.

My son doesn’t like to clean. But when he does it, he is doing a perfect job. He used to clean the kids' bathroom, sink, toilet, shower… everything. And he does the vacuuming every other day. He also puts the laundry out to dry up, better than I can. I’m so blessed that he is helpful and I know he will not have a problem in taking care of his own apartment.

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