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Funny Easter Egg Games

Funny Easter Egg Games

It is spring, it is Easter, it is the feast of rebirth and fertility. It could be the happiest and most enjoyable time of the year.

This is the time when we can take out a very small thing, which is capable of symbolizing the size of the universe and the fact that lifelessness can turn to living. And this is the EGG!

Are you ready with your Easter colored eggs?

If not, this is the first thing to do with the kids but there are much more things to do on the feast week, have fun with the small ones!

Invite your friends and their kids and have a big game party:

  • Egg punch: two of the boys, standing opposite to each other and punching the eggs stronger and stronger, the winner is the one whose egg stays safe.
  • Playing with the egg like a ball: throw the eggs to each other. It is said the boy who could not catch it won’t be able to find his lover for one more year.
  • Collecting game: who can collect most eggs 'til the end of the day
  • Rolling the eggs: from the hill to the valley, all the boys go up to the closest hill or hump and rolling their eggs down. The winner is the one whose eggs arrive down faster and in one piece.
  • Throwing at eggs with a coin: eggs down on the floor, kids have to throw the coin to the egg, the winner is the one who can throw the coin into the egg and the coin sticks to it.
  • Competition: who can paint the nicest egg
  • Rolling the eggs from a board: take simple boards, and two kids in front of each other make a slope with the board and let the eggs roll down. The winner is the one whose egg rolls down straight and does not fall down in the middle.
  • Hiding eggs: in the garden, in the house, and everywhere…. Hide the eggs all around. The one who finds the most eggs is the winner.

What else can we do with that many boiled eggs? Play with them, have fun, and celebrate the wonderful spring with your family.

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